Currently, more endovascular procedures are used to treat diseases of the neurovasculature, carotid arteries and the lower extremities. As a result, clinicians need sophisticated devices to navigate small, tortuous anatomy.

Examples of medical devices in which DSM biomaterials have been applied:​

  • Atherectomy devices​
  • Embolic protection devices​
  • Peripheral stents and their delivery systems​
  • PTA balloon catheters​
  • Stent grafts for abdominal aortic (AAA) and thoracic aortic (TAA) aneurysm repair

DSM technologies serving this market​

  • Coatings


    Hydrophilic coatings that provide industry-leading process control and process optimization.

  • Polyester Amides

    Polyester Amides

    Discover our implantable drug delivery systems made of bioresorbable polymers that release precise quantities of therapeutic agents gradually over time.

  • Polyethylenes


    Discover how the strongest medical grade fiber in the world can be used to enhance your product designs and create new innovative solutions.

  • Polymer processing

    Polymer processing

    Learn about the latest advancements in biocomposite polymers and how they can be manipulated to control handling characteristics, mechanical properties and absorption times.

  • Polyurethanes


    Explore our wide array of polyurethanes, how they can be adapted to your product designs and how we can create innovative solutions that add value to your portfolio.

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  • Our products

    Our products

    DSM portfolio of innovative biomedical materials and process manufacturing technologies: Biomedical Polyethylenes, Biomedical polyurethanes, Collagen Technology, Device Development, and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Technology. Learn more.

  • The markets we serve

    The markets we serve

    DSM Biomedical offers the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and manufacturing across market applications, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, diabetes, wound, and continence care.

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