DSM's highly lubricious, hydrophilic ComfortCoat® coatings are applied using an industry-leading process with ready-to-use coating reagents, for continence care and vascular intervention applications. Delivering superior value in a wide range of medical devices, our low particulate ComfortCoat® products have a proven track record and offer a durable solution to clinicians worldwide.

Our newest coatings innovation, ComfortCoat® Single Layer (SL), gives our vascular intervention partners a more sustainable, world-class quality coating that enables significant operational efficiencies. 

Unlock the ComfortCoat® SL advantage with the following key benefits:

  • The fastest coating process in the industry - up to two times faster coating cycle than competition.¹
  • Ready-to-use, no mixing required.
  • One chemistry for a wide range of polymeric substrates.

¹ Based on DSM benchmark studies

Supporting Sustainable Development

At DSM we strongly believe in doing well by doing good, which is why our company’s strategies are aligned with the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As DSM Biomedical, we specifically use the three Sustainable Development Goals shown below to drive our ComfortCoat® SL business strategy.

According to DSM’s thorough Life Cycle Analysis, ComfortCoat® SL has a lower environmental impact than our conventional coatings. The reduced energy consumption and waste in the application results in a lower carbon footprint.

Markets served by our ComfortCoat® portfolio


DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support cardiovascular applications, including neurologic and peripheral vascular.

Continence Care

DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support continence care and urinary applications.

Peripheral Vascular

DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support peripheral vascular applications.


DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support neurological and neurology disorder applications.

Hydrophilic coatings​ product sheet

Medical grade polymer with exceptional physical and biocompatibility properties​.

ComfortCoat® Single Layer overview

New from DSM Biomedical!
Our next generation of best-in-class hydrophilic coatings.  

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  • Our products

    Our products

    DSM portfolio of innovative biomedical materials and process manufacturing technologies: Biomedical Polyethylenes, Biomedical polyurethanes, Collagen Technology, Device Development, and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Technology. Learn more.

  • The markets we serve

    The markets we serve

    DSM Biomedical offers the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and manufacturing across market applications, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, diabetes, wound, and continence care.

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