The world’s most trusted medical-grade UHMWPE fiber portfolio

For more than 15 years, DSM Biomedical’s Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE Medical-Grade fiber portfolio has been at the forefront of innovation as the strongest and most reliable medical-grade UHMWPE fibers in the world. With an established clinical history that enables accelerated regulatory approvals, our knowledgeable team of experts deliver unmatched value to our global partners through their proven track record of success in developing creative solutions to the world's most unique challenges. 


15 times stronger than steel​


Over 15 years of clinical use​

Leverage the world’s strongest medical-grade UHMWPE fiber portfolio through the following key differentiators:

  • Consistent quality and purity of fiber, making our Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE Medical-Grade fiber portfolio the most trusted material by leading medical device companies​ across the globe.
  • The widest range of colors and sizes​ available globally.     
  • Compliance to ASTM F2848-21 standards and biocompatibility tested according ISO-10993. 
  • Dedicated Medical Production Plant – MAP1 in Greenville, NC.
  • World-class business model and trusted partner network.

Markets served by our Dyneema Purity® UHMWPE Medical-Grade Fiber portfolio


DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support cardiovascular applications, including neurologic and peripheral vascular.


DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support neurological and neurology disorder applications.


DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support orthopedic applications, including spine, trauma and sports medicine.

Peripheral Vascular

DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support peripheral vascular applications.

Dyneema Purity® ​ SGX fiber

General purpose, highly versatile, very strong medical grade UHMWPE fiber used to improve implant performance​.

Dyneema Purity®​ TG fiber

Designed for use in cardiovascular applications offering low profile without compromise on strength​.

Dyneema Purity®​ UG and VG fiber

High quality medical-grade fiber for heavy duty orthopedic applications​.

Dyneema Purity®​ Radiopaque fiber

Designed for the use in orthopedic trauma applications​.

Dyneema Purity®​ Black fiber

Combines contrast, high strength, small profile, abrasion resistance and flexibility​.

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  • Our products

    Our products

    DSM portfolio of innovative biomedical materials and process manufacturing technologies: Biomedical Polyethylenes, Biomedical polyurethanes, Collagen Technology, Device Development, and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Technology. Learn more.

  • The markets we serve

    The markets we serve

    DSM Biomedical offers the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and manufacturing across market applications, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, diabetes, wound, and continence care.

Correcting scoliosis

Listen to Jens Thies and Gino Bradica, PhD discuss how DSM is correcting scoliosis with its polyethylene technology, helping patients around the world. 

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