For nearly 30 years, DSM has been at the forefront of biomedical polyurethane solutions. With unrivaled technical, processing, and regulatory expertise, we are the trusted biomaterials provider medical companies count on for help in expediting medical device development and regulatory approval across a broad range of clinical categories. From diabetes and drug delivery to neurology, cardiology and orthopedics, our extensive portfolio of products and biomaterial expertise can be found in the technologies that make a difference in healthcare. From incremental improvements to disruptive change, we're proud of the role we play in advancing solutions with medical device manufacturers around the world. Discover how our commitment to keeping our customers at the leading edge with our customizable solutions, and you'll see why you'll want to make DSM your partner for life.

8 Master File​ families at FDA


Over 30 years of ​clinical history


Over 10 million CGM sensors utilizing DSM Biomedical's polyurethanes annually

Markets served by our polyurethane portfolio

  • Cardiovascular


    DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support cardiovascular applications, including neurologic and peripheral vascular. Learn more.

  • Diabetes Management

    Diabetes Management

    DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support diabetes management and CGM applications.

  • Neurology


    DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support neurological and neurology disorder applications. Learn more.

  • Orthopedics


    DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support orthopedic applications, including spine, trauma and sports medicine. Learn more.

  • Peripheral Vascular

    Peripheral Vascular

    DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support peripheral vascular applications. Learn more.

  • Women's Health

    Women's Health

    DSM Biomedical materials and technologies support womens health, breast and gynecological applications. Learn more.

New pathways in heart valve disease treatment

Together, DSM and SAT are developing affordable, durable and minimally invasive replacement heart valves.

Strait Access Technologies (SAT) develops technologies to treat heart valve diseases. The company's focus on the complex requirements for devices suitable for younger patients with rheumatic heart disease (RHD) has delivered breakthrough solutions. These new approaches also promise benefits for older patients with degenerative heart valve conditions. Professor Peter Zilla, CEO & Medical Director, discusses SAT’s collaboration with DSM on innovative replacement heart valves.

In 2018, the World Health Organization declared RHD a global health priority. RHD is a major health concern in emerging economies, affecting similar numbers of people as HIV. Our products treat RHD — a potentially fatal condition that can develop from lack of access to antibiotics.

DSM's R&D capabilities and advanced biomaterials expertise have allowed SAT to produce a ground-breaking product with compelling commercial prospects. SAT’s new heart valves are made with polymeric leaflets composed of DSM's CarboSil® Thermoplastic Silicone-Polycarbonate-Urethane (TSPCU). CarboSil® TSPCU gives the valves durability and also dispenses with the need for anticoagulants. Traditional replacement heart valves either require the patient to take anticoagulants on a daily basis, with potentially negative side-effects, or else are of limited durability, especially in the case of younger patients.

These products are still in the development and testing phase but have already received strong encouragement from non-governmental organizations such as the World Heart Federation. They will be launched on receipt of regulatory approval.

Aliphatic Thermoplastic​ Polyether Polyurethane product sheet

Medical grade polymer with exceptional physical and biocompatibility properties.

Bionate® PCU​ product sheet

Recognized as an industry-leading medical grade polymer for long-term use in the body.

Bionate® II PCU​ product sheet

A tough, biostable and biocompatible polymer with exceptional performance characteristics. 

BioSpan® SPU​ product sheet

Medical-grade polymer with superior mechanical characteristics that, among other benefits, is designed to withstand high flex fatigue.

CarboSil® TSPCU​ product sheet

Ground-breaking copolymer that combines the benefits of silicone and polyurethane.

PurSil® TSPU​ product sheet

Novel copolymer that is strong yet flexible with proven biocompatibility and biostability.

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  • Our products

    Our products

    DSM portfolio of innovative biomedical materials and process manufacturing technologies: Biomedical Polyethylenes, Biomedical polyurethanes, Collagen Technology, Device Development, and Extracellular Matrix (ECM) Technology. Learn more.

  • The markets we serve

    The markets we serve

    DSM Biomedical offers the broadest portfolio of biomedical materials and manufacturing across market applications, including orthopedics, ophthalmology, neurology, cardiology, diabetes, wound, and continence care.

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