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DSM in Medical

Spine Market: Biostructural, Scaffold and Cellular Solutions

A portfolio of materials to enhance clinical outcomes

The spine industry has seen a high rate of advancements in recent years based on material and design adjustments. DSM is actively partnering and co-developing in spine to design and develop minimally-invasive, and superiorly-integrated spine solutions.

Our comprehensive portfolio of materials for orthopaedic surgeons and neurosurgeons specializing in spine surgery, includes synthetic bone graft substitutes, cerclage cables, resorbable fixation plates and screws.

Advancing Spine through Disruptive Technologies

Developing the most beneficial biomedical solutions is about looking to the future and finding new ways to address unmet needs. DSM is always planning for and investing in future applications, new technologies and better ways to produce and apply technology.

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  • Biomedical fibers for:
    • Arthroscopic procedures
    • Cerclage cables
    • Ligament fixation
    • Rotator cuff damage
    • Soft tissue applications
    • Spinal stability
  • Bone void fillers
  • Extracellular Matrix (ECM) technology for soft tissue repair
  • Graft containment devices
  • Resorbable fixation plates and screws


  • Motion preservation devices for the spine
  • Polymeric plate systems
  • Spinal cages
  • Spinal plates
  • Total disc replacement devices


Bioceramics materials and technology - More>

  • Calcium phosphates (α-TCP, ß-TCP, MCPM)
  • Resorbable/ceramic composites (PLA, PGA, PCL)
  • Multiple configurations (powders, granules, porous shapes, settable pastes, settable putties, anorganic bone)

Biomedical polyethylenes

Biomedical polyurethanes

Collagen materials and technology - More>

  • Purified collagen
  • Solution and slurry processing
  • Collagen blending and compounding
  • Multiple configurations (sheets, putties, injectables, gels, three dimensional shapes, coatings, fibers, and powders)

Drug Delivery

UHMWPE stabilizing technology

Polymers and metals processing technology - More>

  • Resorbable materials [Polylactide (PLA), Polylactide-co-glycolide (PLGA), Polycaprolactone (PCL), Polycarbonate (e.g. TMC)]
  • Non resorbable materials (PEEK, TPU)
  • Implant-grade metals ( titanium, stainless steel)