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DSM in Medical

Aging population

People are living longer lives. But as people age, body parts wear out, and individuals become more vulnerable to disease. Thanks to DSM, biomaterials are playing an important role in medical devices and drug delivery techniques that help meet the needs of this aging population. The application of our biomaterials is especially profound in areas that affect older populations, like diabetes, cardiovascular and vascular health, neurology and orthopedics.
Man carrying woman with arms outstretched

Life expectancy is on the rise. But with this increase in lifespan comes diseases and injuries that affect older adults — and diminish quality of life. Today, among older adults, an unprecedented number of orthopedic surgeries are taking place to repair or replace, for example, hips and knees. Likewise, aging puts a greater burden on the heart, and over time plaque can build up in the walls of the arteries, causing them to harden. A poor diet and sedentary lifestyle in older adults can contribute to these and other risk factors.

Making a difference for clinicians

In cardiac treatments, DSM is providing the biomaterials to medical device manufacturers that can help them make more durable products, like heart valves, artificial hearts and stent grafts that can withstand the rigors of the cardiovascular environment. DSM materials are also helping manufacturers make smaller, more lubricious devices flexible enough to navigate through the tortuous cardiac anatomy.

Our materials are even helping clinicians treat diabetes — another condition that increases as people age. We’re providing biomaterials to major medical device manufacturers that help them provide solutions that reduce the complications of diabetes.

Bringing comfort to more patients

As people age, chronic pain can become disabling. Our biomaterials are helping medical device companies find new ways to relieve patient symptoms. These companies use our materials to make spinal cord neurostimulators that can mask pain to alleviate symptoms and help restore normal function in patients.

At DSM, our search for safer and more effective therapies never ends. This includes exploring the frontiers of drug delivery. We’re developing implantable drug delivery technology made of resorbable polymers – allowing our biopharmaceutical customers to develop systems that release medication to precise areas of the body gradually over time. These systems can also assist patients that have difficulty remembering to take their medication.

Ultimately, we are dedicated to helping bring better quality of life to the aging.