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DSM in Medical

Drug delivery

The need for better, safer ways to deliver pharmaceutical products is critical. It can improve efficacy, enhance compliance, and also be more cost-effective. DSM is developing implantable ‘local drug delivery systems’ made from bioresorbable polymers, delivered to precise areas of the body. Local, controlled drug delivery is an area we’re targeting with innovative material technologies.
Drug delivery

The ability to deliver pharmaceuticals to specific anatomical sites while releasing the active gradually over time offers huge advantages in treatment. For example, localized pain medication delivery can help improve patient outcomes and lead to increased comfort and compliance with drug regimens.

A novel approach to delivery

The DSM drug delivery technology offers novel bioresorbable polymer solutions based on our core strengths in material science. When working with biopharmaceutical companies, combining our proprietary polymer portfolio with our extensive synthesis methods, formulating and processing techniques, our customers can customize dosage forms.

Advancing delivery of biopharmaceuticals

In cardiovascular medicine, clinicians are employing controlled delivery of therapeutic compounds directly to the vasculature or surrounding tissues, or via implanted devices.

In ophthalmology, the need for technologies that provide controlled, sustained delivery of both large and small molecules to the back and front of the eye benefit patients with age-related macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathies and glaucoma.

DSM is also developing resorbable drug delivery technologies for treating pain. Delivering powerful medication directly to the site of the pain via an implant avoids the unwanted systemic side effects and potential abuse of opioids.

New biomaterials for medical devices

We are also helping manufacturers of medical devices introduce novel drug delivery technologies into their products by providing them with our resorbable polymers that they can use in the design of their devices including drug eluting stents, ophthalmic devices, and those that release antibiotics to protect against infection.

New opportunities for more companies

DSM can offer biopharmaceutical companies ways to extend the lifetime of their patented drugs by creating new IP around drug delivery technologies helping to further differentiate products and add value. Wherever we can make a difference, DSM will be there — for companies, clinicians and especially for patients.