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DSM in Medical

Meso BioMatrix® Surgical Mesh for soft tissue repair – European Union

The Meso BioMatrix® Surgical Mesh is a porcine mesothelial extracellular matrix (ECM) product developed for soft tissue repair applications that require enhanced drape and conformability. It is made from our proprietary OPTRIX™ process, which gently disinfects tissues, inactivates viruses and removes cells while preserving extracellular matrix components.
2 side-by-side SEM images

Product Features and Benefits 

Preservation of native structure
  • Excellent strength and durability without crosslinking
  • Porous, open structure provides scaffold for cell infiltration
  • Preservation of basal lamina1
Retention of bioactive components
  • Guided regeneration
  • Facilitates cell infiltration and revascularization
Designed with the surgeon in mind
  • Hydrates in <5 minutes
  • Desirable handling characteristics: soft, supple, conformable

Indications for Use

"The Meso BioMatrix™ implant is intended for surgical implantation in the face, oronasal cavity, neck or breast in order to: repair or replace congenital, surgical or oncologic soft tissue defects to prevent deformity or defect recurrence; improve the cosmesis from augmentation or soft tissue reconstruction procedures; and provide structural support to weakened soft tissues to prevent deformity or defect recurrence following surgery, injury or disease."

Proven in-vitro* biologic activity

DSM invests in comprehensive analysis of our extracellular matrices to validate the gentle selectivity of the OPTRIX process. In vitro studies demonstrate:

  • More rapid cell infiltration compared to dermis xenograft products2
  • Greater retention of TGF-B and VEGF relative to incumbent commercial products2


  1. DSM, Data on File. In-vitro results are not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.
  2. BioMaterials. 2010 Sep;31(27):6934-40.

*In vitro data may not be indicative of clinical results.

Meso BioMatrix® and OPTRIX™ are trademarks of DSM.