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DSM in Medical

Bionate® Thermoplastic Polycarbonate-urethane (PCU)

Bionate® PCU is well known as an industry-leading medical grade polymer successfully used in long-term implants for many years. It has outstanding physical properties and excellent biocompatibility and biostability proven by use in a number of medical devices covering several therapeutic areas.  

Explore the results of a recent concept study featuring Bionate® or the Bionate® PCU product sheet.

Bionate PCU pellets, film, disk and tubing

Bionate® II PCU is the next generation in our industry leading family of materials with built-in surface modification technology. It offers added strength, improved oxidative stability and enhanced processability.

These polymers feature a unique combination of toughness and biostability, making them ideal for chronically implanted devices. Extensive testing has demonstrated their outstanding mechanical properties, and Bionate® is backed by our FDA Master File with extensive biocompatibility test data.


Bionate® PCU

  • Proven clinical use
  • Combines flexibility with strength
  • In vivo biostability, biocompatibility and oxidative stability
  • Tough, load-bearing qualities
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance when compared to conventional silicone elastomers
  • Customizable with SME® technology, utilizing surface modifying end groups
  • FDA Master File

Bionate® II PCU

  • Wide range of potential surface characteristics using DSM’s patented Self-Assembling Monolayer End Group (SAME®) technology
  • Outstanding abrasion resistance
  • Improved oxidative stability
  • 10% stronger than first generation Bionate® PCU
  • Improved processing characteristics
  • FDA Master File


  • Articulating joint implants
  • Cardiovascular electrostimulation
  • Continuous glucose monitoring
  • Gynecological surgery (C-section, hysterectomy)
  • Spinal motion preservation devices
  • Neurostimulation
  • Reproductive health devices
  • Total disc replacement devices


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