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DSM in Medical

Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque fiber

The only radiopaque ultra-high-molecular-weight-polyethylene (UHMWPE) medical fiber in the world, designed for the use in orthopedic trauma applications
Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque fiber

Medical grade UHMWPE fiber incorporating Radiopaque agent

With a long and proven track record, Dyneema Purity® fiber has helped millions of patients through a broad range of implantable medical devices.

Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque fiber is designed to support the development of medical devices for use in orthopedic trauma. The fiber contains a radiopaque agent which helps surgeons to enable implant visualization during and after surgical interventions.

Improving the design of orthopedic trauma devices

Improving the design of orthopedic trauma devices

Initial applications for Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque fiber include replacing metal in the design of surgical cables to treat bone fractures.

Like other Dyneema Purity® fibers, Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque is 15  times stronger than steel, while maintaining increased flexibility and high pliability. The fiber’s ability to conform to bone may help lower the risk of bone damage when compared to  metal, resulting in increased patient comfort and shorter healing time.

In addition, using  Dyneema Purity® Radiopaque fiber to improve the design of devices in orthopedic trauma can help reduce tissue inflammation and irritation as the fiber is biocompatible and chemically inert, as well as  reduce complications associated with metal allergies.


  • Inherently radiopaque fiber
  • Visibility under x-ray during and after surgical interventions
  • High pliability and softness
  • High strength and high modulus
  • Lower profile with equivalent strength
  • Proven biocompatibility

Applications & procedures

  • Trauma: For use in the design of surgical cables to treat orthopedic trauma like bone fractures
  • High strength orthopedic sutures for soft tissue repair: textile structures demanding strength yet low to help fast and reliable repair and patient comfort


  • Orthopedic
  • Trauma

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