The natural skin care ingredient combating two major factors of skin ageing

As skin ages the epidermis thins and the concentration of proteins such as collagen decreases, causing skin to lose its youthful resilience and elasticity. Skin aging is the number one cosmetic concern. In response, DSM has developed REGU®-SCENCE, a carefully purified, standardized plant skincare bioactive ingredient made exclusively from Navarra Asparagus officinalis ‘Grolim’. Extended studies have confirmed that the skincare ingredient REGU®-SCENCE significantly combats collagen loss and dermis thinning.

Superfood for the skin: Navarra delivers exceptional high-quality Asparagus

The Asparagus officinalis ‘Grolim’ for DSM’s age-defying REGU®-SCENCE  bioactive is exclusively cultivated in Navarra, northern Spain. Conditions here are optimal for asparagus growing, with incredibly fertile soil composed of clayish loam, having a slightly elevated pH and a high organic content. Navarra also has the ideal spring climate for asparagus growing, with cold nights below 12°C and warmer days. Asparagus cultivation is particularly labor intensive. In Navarra harvesting is carried out manually before sunrise to preserve the quality of the product and ensure it can be delivered fresh the same day. And around 340 physicochemical analyses are routinely performed each season, ensuring that Navarra asparagus remains among the most exquisite available and superior to almost any other variety in the world.

Product Features

  • INCI name (active): Asparagus officinalis Stem Extract

  • Helps stimulate the skin's own autophagy capabilities, slowing the process of cellular senescence

  • In-vivo significantly improves collagen density and dermis thickness

  • Ex-vivo reduces UV-induced protein oxidation 

  • Reduction of melanin content ex-vivo after only 9 days

  • Inhibition of melanin synthesis

  • Made specifically from Navarra Asparagus officinalis 'Grolim', which has a particularly high active molecule content


  • Boosts skin's innate strength to delay cellular aging by decades

  • Stimulates skin's detoxifying processes, independently of age

  • Provides an overall skin rejuvenation effect

  • Provides a more even looking skin tone 


See Regulatory China Statement
Raw material approved by ECOCERT GREENLIFE, conform to the ECOCERT Natural and Organic Cosmetics Standard

Mode of Action

As skin ages, the rate of autophagy (a very efficient process that not only cleans cells of waste but also regenerates cellular functionality) is reduced, and an imbalance arises between the rates of protein synthesis and degradation. This leads to an accumulation of damaged proteins which in turn increases oxidative stress within the cells, causing more protein and DNA damage and giving rise to a negative feedback loop with increased cellular senescence. REGU®-SCENCE in -vitro significantly stimulates the autophagy process and may therefore improve the cellular waste recycling. Furthermore, extended studies have shown that REGU®-SCENCE is able to reduce the melanin syntheses which leads to an even skin tone.

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