Feed and Water Hygiene

Selected Species

Reduce pathogens in your feed even in the absence of formaldehyde and reduce pathogen-associated biofilm formation in your water lines.

Importance of feed and water hygiene for poultry

  • Feed and water are essential parts of poultry rearing, however they can also transport pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella into poultry houses.
  • Pathogen growth in drinking water lines could result in limescale and biofilm build up, resulting in constant pathogen presence as well as clogging of water lines.
  • Clean feed and water reduce the likelihood of food safety contaminants, which can reduce the need for final product recalls and managed brand reputation.
  • Therefore, the need for poultry production are:
    • Finding effective alternatives to formaldehyde as a feed hygiene strategy
    • Reducing biofilms and the environmental impact in water lines through a drinking water hygiene strategy

Feed and Water Hygiene Portfolio Offering

We offer a comprehensive feed and water hygiene program, by evaluating the quality of raw materials, feed, and drinking water, identifying risks along the production chain, and enact specific hygiene practices as needed.

  • Adding an enhanced acidifier can reduce the level of pathogenic bacteria such as E. coli, Salmonella in the feed and water. It acts by inhibiting pathogen growth while preventing limescale and biofilm build up, without interfering other additives or supplements.
  • Ensuring the quality of feed by monitoring the presence of mycotoxins and an objective threat assessment. Adding a mycotoxin deactivator in the feed depending on the risk can help to have a comprehensive coverage.
  • Testing the feed and water for pathogens is important to understand pathogens going into the farm, but we must also look at contamination in the birds and environment. Using blood biomarker modeling can help with early detection of health issues and nutritional imbalances, allowing you to take immediate action.
  • Similar to monitoring the bird health, the environmental footprint can be calculated for sustainability measurements to understand the outcomes of your feed and water hygiene program.


  • Biotronic®

    The Biotronic® line of state-of-the-art enhanced acidifiers support modern farm animals against Gram-negative bacteria.

  • Sustell™

    Sustell™ is an intelligent sustainability service that combines the most advanced environmental foot printing calculation tool with expert sustainability, animal production and nutritional knowledge to create tailor-made, practical solutions and business development projects that enhance the environmental sustainability and profitability of animal farming. Sustell™ unlocks the value of animal production sustainability.

  • Verax™

    Harness the power of data to get a deeper understanding of the overall health, productivity and welfare of your animals.

  • Mycofix®

    The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most state-of-the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy are proven by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins.

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Differentiating poultry products as safe, high quality, and sustainable protein sources is the focus of every producer. By helping to reduce waste and to improve food security sustainably, we at dsm-firmenich support you to deliver premium poultry products to build your reputation in the market with confidence.

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  • Reducing food loss and waste

    Reducing food loss and waste

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