Boosting good microflora

With plenty of ‘good’ bacteria, producers can achieve better gut health and performance. Our products help increase numbers of the right kinds of bacteria in the gut. Maintaining good gut health promotes more efficient digestion and better growth. This holds equally true for swine, poultry and calves.

Efficient digestion depends on maintaining balanced microbial populations in the gut. This is where CYLACTIN® can help. Containing live Enterococcus faecium, CYLACTIN® is a probiotic feed additive. It stabilizes gut microflora and builds a better intestinal environment by:

  • Limiting the growth of harmful bacteria including E.coliSalmonella and Clostridia
  • Increasing numbers of lactic-acid-producing bacteria
  • Reducing toxin levels in the intestine
  • Synthesizing protective short-chain fatty acids
  • Stimulating the protection of the intestinal wall

Feeding CYLACTIN® has been shown to reduce incidences of digestive upsets, including diarrhea and MMA (mastitis-metritis-agalactia) syndrome. It thus helps optimize performance, feed conversion and animal welfare.


Faster growing, more efficient broilers – improvements in average weight gain and feed conversion.

Healthier calves – CYLACTIN® showed to reduce digestive upsets and to increase daily weight gain in pre-weaning calves.

Fitter swine – Piglets fed CYLACTIN® are less prone to diarrhea. In finishing pigs, the supplement has shown to improve weight gain and feed conversion, and to reduce mortality.


The provision of CYLACTIN® in two product forms means that it has the flexibility to suit every manufacturing system.

CYLACTIN® LBC ME20 Plus is the best protected micro-encapsulated form of our range, delivering exceptional protection during feed processing.

CYLACTIN® LBC G35 is a fine granulate, ideal for use in milk replacers.

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