Press release

DSM presents its latest innovations at EuroTier 2016

Kaiseraugst, CH, 07 Nov 2016 09:00 CET

Hanover, 15 – 18 November, Hall 22 Stand A04

DSM, a global leader in animal nutrition and health, will be showcasing its latest innovations for the feed industry at EuroTier 2016. Industry experts will be available at the interactive DSM Innovation Hub to discuss the latest studies on vitamins, enzymes, carotenoids, and eubiotics for optimized animal health and performance. Additional information about the products will be available at the show on the free app “DSM Innovation Hub”.

Advancing yolk color assessment via digitalisation

At the show, DSM will launch the Digital YolkFan™ color sensor, to be officially presented to visitors at the DSM brEGGlunch on 15 November 2016 from 12.30 to 14.00. This digital extension of the 16 blade DSM YolkFan was designed in collaboration with Nix Sensor Ltd., an expert in developing handheld wireless color sensor devices. The innovative design of the Digital YolkFan specifically allows fast, objective yolk color measurement with extreme accuracy within the 16 yolk colors of the DSM YolkFan.

“Farmers and egg producers need to adapt to the latest consumer preferences for a golden yolk and this requires the right support and innovative tools,” said Rual Lopez-Ulibarri, Innovation Project Director at DSM Nutritional Products. “The Digital YolkFan color sensor is a highly sensitive, user-friendly wireless device that brings easier data management capabilities to farmers looking to produce a consistent yolk color to meet consumers’ expectations”.

Matthew Sheridan, Founder and CEO at Nix Sensor Ltd. said, “We are so enthusiastic with the opportunity of working together with an industry leader renowned for its expertise in the carotenoid market, such as DSM, on developing this new application of our color sensor. By simply covering the egg yolk using the measuring adaptor, the device measures the yolk’s color and captures the information via a smartphone or tablet app connected by Bluetooth.”

Three days of species-dedicated innovation

DSM’s species experts will be available on a three-day program highlighting poultry, ruminants and swine to discuss the extensive portfolio of animal feed solutions it has to offer. Visitors will also have the opportunity to test their dairy cow feed, poultry and swine knowledge in a series of competitions with a chance of winning a variety of prizes, including the first ever Digital YolkFan color sensor.

On Tuesday 15 November, Poultry Day, DSM will be putting in the spotlight its innovative vitamin product –Hy-D®. Considered the most efficient form of vitamin D3, Hy-D delivers significant benefits in poultry and swine production that cannot be achieved by feeding D3 alone. Such benefits include healthy bones, higher meat yields, increased egg number and stronger egg shells.

On Wednesday 16 November ruminant experts at The DSM Innovation Hub will talk visitors through the latest developments in dairy cow nutrition. On booth will be RONOZYME® RumiStar™, the first ever feed enzyme to demonstrate efficacy in the rumen of dairy cattle with multiple proven benefits. Showcasing its digestive solutions for better performance and profitability, DSM will also present CRINA®, a precise blend of essential oil compounds enabling producers to achieve more efficient digestion in farmed animals. DSM would also like to invite visitors to join them for Happy Hour at 18.00.

Finally, RONOZYME HiPhos, the exceptionally powerful feed phytase that increases production with less environmental impact will be one of the highlights on Thursday 17 November Swine Day. From 12.00 to 13.30, visitors will be able to enjoy the tasty pork-based menu hosted at the DSM booth.

DSM Innovation Hub at home

The latest, free ‘DSM Innovation Hub’ app, available on Android and iOS, is a new tool to access DSM’s information from everywhere, including downloadable videos and background on the products seen on stand.