More sustainable farming with Bovaer® cattle feed additive

As population and income levels grow, so do the demands humans place on our planet. Adapting to more sustainable ways is a responsibility we all share. If future generations are to enjoy the foods we know and love, we need to move forward in ways that are farm wise and climate friendly.

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Methane from dairy production

Cows provide nutritious dairy products that we thrive on today - full of the high-quality protein, micronutrients and essential fatty acids our bodies need. Dairy cows also support the livelihood and food security of more than a billion people around the world.

However, cows generate methane, a greenhouse gas with consequences for our planet. Believe it or not, nearly 60% of emissions created globally during milk production come in the form of enteric methane, released into the atmosphere burp by burp. A single dairy cow can generate three tons of CO2 equivalent every year.

To learn more, visit our page: Minimizing methane emissions from cattle 


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