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DSM says “Be brave” and embraces the challenges posed by an ever-expanding definition of beauty at in-cosmetics show in Paris on 12-14 April

Kaiseraugst, CH, 29 Mar 2016 12:00 CEST

DSM Personal Care takes the opportunity offered by this year’s in-cosmetics show in Paris on 12-14 April to demonstrate at booth J70 how the company is responding to changes in attitudes that are redefining the very concept of beauty - with solutions that are as versatile and adaptable as the people who use them.

More and more, people are questioning accepted notions of beauty and refusing to fit in with prescribed norms. DSM welcomes the challenges this poses for the personal care industry, and is meeting them by finding new ways to communicate with customers, developing new products, and reviewing its established portfolio in light of expanding consumer expectations – to name just a few examples.

Frédéric Boned, Senior Director Global Marketing and Innovation, DSM Personal Care sums up: “Beauty is empowering, but it is also individual. Laying claim to that individuality, daring to look different and stand out from the crowd, takes courage. At DSM, we support people’s wish to appear beautiful in their own way by ourselves daring to stand out among the thousands of ingredients suppliers, seeking the spotlight and being unique in the way we create value for our customers. The only way to achieve excellence and undisputed leadership is to challenge ourselves every single day, in everything we do.”

Visit DSM Personal Care at Booth J70 and in the Innovation Zone to find out more about the latest product launches:

SYN-UP™ - Boost the skin’s resilience

Building further on its competence in synthetic peptides, DSM is proud to present its first synthetic peptide derivative in the CORNEOCARE™ range. SYN-UP™ gives skin the power to fight dryness.

While hundreds of market products claim to treat dry skin, they often offer only short-term benefits, creating major consumer frustration over the never-ending problem of dry skin. DSM researchers found that increasing skin resilience – the ability of skin to recover from external stresses such as cold and wind – offers a long-term solution. The epidermis has a key function in skin resilience and DSM research showed that urokinase and plasmin, two serine proteases in the epidermis, play a crucial role in skin resilience. In extensive in-vitroresearch, SYN-UP was shown to inhibit urokinase activity by up to 97% and plasmin activity by up to 41%.

When applied in vivo SYN-UP demonstrated a perceivable defense against dry skin conditions and unpleasant sensations. Skin resilience was evaluated in a 29-day study which revealed that even after repeated stress the skin’s surface is smoother and more hydrated with SYN-UP.

SYN-STAR™ - The global beauty maximizer

DSM continues to lead global peptide research by discovering new cosmetic properties within its peptide innovation platform. SYN-STAR™ – an innovation based on existing patented peptide technology – showed a global youthful and mattifying effect in a study on Caucasian, Asian, and African skin.

The enzyme PLOD3 (procollagen-lysine, 2-oxoglutarate 5-dioxygenase 3) is known to be important for the stability of intermolecular collagen crosslinks. New in-vitro tests confirmed that SYN-STAR stimulates PLOD3, increasing collagen stability, specifically in mature skin, by a factor of more than 4. Data from other recent research revealed a positive effect of SYN-STAR on sebum flow. In an in-vitro assay SYN-STAR was shown to inhibit DPP4 (dipeptidyl peptidase-4), a key enzyme involved in sebum flow.

In a clinical study performed on volunteers with three different skin tones, a product formulated with 4% SYN-STAR was tested for 28 days and its efficacy in wrinkle reduction and a mattifying effect confirmed. In a survey of volunteers, 83% of women agreed that they felt more confident and ready for a fabulous day after a treatment with SYN-STAR (satisfaction test, average responses from Caucasian, Asian and African participants).

New range of TILAMAR® polymers - Dare you to change your hair routine

DSM is further expanding into the global synthetic polyquaternium market with the launch of three new conditioning polymer members in its TILAMAR® range: Polyquaternium-7, Polyquaternium-6 and Polyquaternium-22.

DSM seeks to expand people’s perspectives by providing new and different inspiration, giving them courage to change their daily hair routine by launching a “Dare to change your hair routine” formulation box, with innovative formulations featuring the whole range of TILAMAR® conditioning polymers.

VALVANCE® Touch 250 – Instantly glimmer

In a fast-paced world, consumers expect everything to work quickly and efficiently. Cosmetic products are no exception. VALVANCE™ sensory and visual modifiers answer consumers’ demands for immediate visual improvements and optimized feel. The latest in the range, VALVANCE® Touch 250, targets color cosmetic applications.

The product launch at in-cosmetics will feature demo samples of products with VALVANCE® Touch 250: lipsticks that deliver instant smooth gloss and vibrant color while leaving lips feeling softer and less dry; a compact foundation that gives better, more even cover; and a loose blush that gives a soft powdery finish with enhanced evenness of color.

AMPHISOL® K – Gold standard in robust emulsification

DSM will further promote its oil-in-water emulsifier AMPHISOL® K, which is capable of delivering outstanding sunscreen stability combined with ease of product development. Using cutting edge technology known as freeze-fracture Transmission Electron Microscopy DSM has for the first time visualized the mechanism of action of AMPHISOL® K, which uniquely forms a large number of stabilizing liquid crystalline vesicular structures as well as lamellar structures with very densely packed layers of water phase and liquid crystalline lipid phases.

Shining the spotlight on Skin and Sun Care formulations in the Formulation Lab

On Wednesday, 13 April from 14:00 to 15:00, DSM experts will be showing formulators how to overcome challenges currently posed by high UV filter and pigment loads over a broad viscosity range with Amphisol K. Further, they will illustrate the potential for development of a new generation of highly sophisticated sunscreens and day care products which combine a high level of protection with sensorial attributes that promote consumer compliance.

Happy Hour with DSM

On 12 and 13 April, customers are invited to end the day at booth J70, starting 16:00. The Tuesday session will feature a beauty blogger from DSM’s “The Beauty Connection Platform” who will engage with visitors on her views on the future of beauty.

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