For maximum formulation versatility in sun and skin care


Revealing the power of robust emulsification

AMPHISOL® K is an oil-in-water emulsifier designed to meet high stability needs of challenging and complex formulations like sunscreens or liquid foundations thereby contributing to a more pleasant skin feel. AMPHISOL® K is an anionic O/W emulsifier that works well with both polar and non-polar oils and stabilizes formulations with high amounts of UV filters and pigments. AMPHISOL® K is the gold standard emulsifier for challenging formulations. It provides high flexibility to formulate various types of products, from creams to sprays and mousses. This emulsifier has proven thermal and long-term stability and is stable over a broad pH range. Further, it can be used to increase SPF and the water-resistance of formulations.


Product Features

  • INCI name: Potassium Cetyl Phosphate
  • PEG-free
  • HLB value 9.6
  • Save development time
  • Save money by simplifying the emulsifier system
  • Rescue unstable formulations


  • Snow white emulsions
  • Gold standard for formulation types difficult to stabilize
  • Highest flexibility for various application forms (from cream to spray)
  • Excellent SPF and water-resistance boosting 


IECSC listed, IECIC listing
Halal certified by HFCE (Halal Food Council of Europe)

Mode of Action

The structure of AMPHISOL® K is analogue to the natural phospholipids in the skin. This allows it to provide greater compatibility with the skin compared to a large number of market-available emulsifiers. According to the gel network theory of emulsion stability, an emulsion consists of an aqueous bulk phase, a dispersed liquid oil phase and a liquid crystalline gel network structure. The liquid crystalline gel network can form vesicle structures that stabilize oil droplets or lamellar structures that are membrane like structures throughout the aqueous phase. Latest research confirmed the proven presence of liquid crystalline vesicles and multi-lamellar structures, with AMPHISOL® K giving ultimate stability. 

Overcoming common formulation challenges with AMPHISOL® K

The variety in cosmetic formulations has never been so great. Alphabet creams, multifunctional products, sophisticated SPF formulations and innovative forms require from formulators the ability to overcome technical hurdles and achieve the greatest stability in the shortest time at the lowest cost. 

Discover how AMPHISOL® K can help overcome each formulation challenge

Two component emulsification:


Salt tolerance:


From cream to spray:


Rescue instable formulation:


Oil load:


Ethanol compatibility:


SPF boosting:


Pigment load:


PH compatibility:


Water resistance:


Amphisol® K can be easily incorporated in both oil and water phase

Check out our practical video guides to formulators on how to achieve robust, stable formulations with Amphisol® K


Adding AMPHISOL® K in the oil phase

Adding AMPHISOL® K in the water phase

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