Meat quality

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Meat Quality

Consumers want meat and meat products that:

  • Are safe
  • Have a good appearance
  • Have an acceptable shelf life
  • Taste good and are nutritious

Our expertly developed products help our customers supply the meat that today’s health- and quality-conscious consumers demand.

Main Benefits

The animal’s diet can have a positive effect on many aspects of meat quality. In particular, vitamins can improve both the nutritional quality and the texture of meat and meat products. We have developed a range of innovative products to help harness this potential, including:

  • Our specific Optimum Vitamin Nutrition (OVN™) concept – a structured and precisely controlled method for supplying all the key vitamins in optimum quantities. More nutritious feed for the animals translates into better nutrition for consumers.
  • Accurate vitamin E supplementation can help reduce the oxidation of fats in meat, which causes unpleasant odors and flavors. Feeding target levels of ROVIMIX® E50 (vitamin E) can help with this, as well as in reducing meat drip loss.

Meat Quality Solutions

  • PureGro™

    Reducing the odor of swine units is sure to make everyone happier – the animals, the workers and even the neighbors! We have developed an effective way to do this.

  • CRINA®

    Our specific blends of essential oil components have shown to help deliver a better balance of gut microflora.

  • Biotronic®

    The Biotronic® line of state-of-the-art enhanced acidifiers support modern farm animals against Gram-negative bacteria.

  • Biomin® CleanGrain Plus

    Biomin® CleanGrain Plus is a unique blend of organic acids and salts designed to protect against spoilage of grains and by-products caused by molds, yeast and bacteria.

  • Digestarom® DC Power

    Digestarom® DC Power is a next generation phytogenic feed additive mixed into premixes, mineral feed or finished feed in order to support farm animal feed intake, support digestion and feed conversion. The Feed Converter.

  • Digestarom®

    Digestarom® line of phytogenics contain unique blends of herbs and spices, essential oils and other plant extracts to improve palatability and acceptance of feed, support digestion and overall performance of farm animals.


    Increase the proportion of ‘good’ bacteria, and you have a better performing gut.

  • VevoVitall®

    VevoVitall® is an ultra-pure source of benzoic acid and is an excellent feed preservative.