RONOZYME® HiStarch contains a unique single alpha-amylase, which unlocks the energy in grain-based poultry and piglets feeds by improving starch digestion, resulting to reduced feed costs.


With corn and soy prices on the rise, it's innovative solutions like feed enzymes that make a difference. Our feed enzyme portfolio enhances the wellbeing and performance of livestock by unlocking nutrient potential in feed and lower feed costs.



Unlocking the potential of dietary starch with exogenous α-amylase.

Higher energy release, reduced feed costs

Corn, sorghum and wheat are major sources of starch energy for poultry. Not all the starch present in those grains can be accessed during digestion. RONOZYME® HiStarch makes it possible to access a greater proportion of the available starch and therefore to obtain more energy from the feed – delivering valuable benefits for both poultry and piglets’ operations.

RONOZYME® HiStarch supplements the endogenous amylases produced by animals, improving starch digestion in the gut. Possessing the fastest starch-degrading capability on the market, RONOZYME® HiStarch is a unique single alpha-amylase. It has been shown in trials to outperform all other commercially available exogenous amylases, improving live weight gain and boosting feed conversion rates consistently and significantly.

Releasing increased energy from the diet reduces poultry and piglets feed costs and allows greater flexibility in sourcing raw materials. These factors together deliver substantial feed cost savings.

The energy (ME) is significantly increased by at least 100 kcal/kg of corn and sorghum-based diets.

Even further improvements in feed conversion rates can be achieved by using RONOZYME® HiStarch in combination with the feed enzymes RONOZYME® HiPhos (phytase) and RONOZYME® WX (xylanase).

Heat stable product forms for premix, basemix and finished feeds

RONOZYME® HiStarch is extremely flexible and is precisely tailored to the needs of the feed manufacturing industry. It combines outstanding heat stability with a free-flowing and dust-free CT (coated thermo-stable) form for use in premix, basemix and finished feeds.

RONOZYME® HiStarch delivers:

  • Improvement of FCR and Weight Gain, consistently & significantly.
  • Flexibility in feed formulation with substantial poultry and piglets feed cost savings.
  • Improvement of starch digestion and starch energy in both growing poultry and piglets.
  • Mitigation of corn quality variability.
  • Reduction of livestock emissions and efficient use of natural resources.

Recommendations for use

Broilers and Piglets: 100 g/mT - 150 g/mT

Always check and comply with local regulations

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