RONOZYME® WX2,000 degrades xylans, the major antinutritional components in cereals grains, improving the release of entrapped energy and nutrients, reducing feed costs.


With corn and soy prices on the rise, it's innovative solutions like feed enzymes that make a difference. Our feed enzyme portfolio enhances the wellbeing and performance of livestock by unlocking nutrient potential in feed and lower feed costs.


Ronozyme® Carbohydrase

Harvest the energy and reduce feed costs

RONOZYME® WX2,000 is DSM leading versatile xylanase enzyme, recognized across the industry as an outstanding mono-component xylanase product, due to its excellent performance in all monogastric species.

RONOZYME® WX2,000 significantly improves the digestibility of wheat, corn, barley, rye, triticale, sorghum, millet, brown rice and cereal by-products, and significantly reduces intestinal viscosity, improving piglets and poultry gut health.

RONOZYME® WX2,000 degrades both soluble and insoluble xylans, the major antinutritional components present in the cell-wall structure of cereals grains, thus improving the release of entrapped energy and nutrients. 

RONOZYME® WX2,000 delivers:

  • Improvement of FCR and Weight Gain, consistently & significantly.
  • Flexibility in feed formulation across a broad range of cereal ingredients (wheat, corn, barley, sorghum, rye, millet, triticale, brown rice).
  • Reduction of feed cost up to 10 €/t of feed.
  • Improvement of piglets and poultry gut health and litter quality.

Optimal product formulation

RONOZYME® WX2,000 is available in a well-known heat stable free-flowing and dust free CT form that can be mixed into premix, basemix or feeds.

A liquid form (L) for post-pelleting liquid applications is also available.

Recommendations for use (for both CT & L forms)

Poultry: 50  g/mT - 125 g/mT

Swine: 50  g/mT - 125 g/mT

EU-27: 75  g/mT

Always check and comply with local regulations.

The above recommendations are substrate depended.

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