MaxiFicient™ Boost GF


Why MaxiFicient™ Boost GF

MaxiFicient™ Boost GF is a new innovative functional solution specifically developed to support the efficiency of fattener pigs without compromising on health and welfare.

A unique combination of 25-OH-D3 and triterpenoids that work in harmony to support the lean meat gain potential of fatteners.

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The science of MaxiFicient™ Boost GF

MaxiFicient™ Boost GF is part of a holistic approach; combining diet recommendations on calcium and phosphorus levels, considering the impact of 25-OH-D3 on Ca efficacy and boosting the effect of Hy-D® on lean muscle gain with specifically selected triterpenoids.

Main benefits:

  • Enhanced nutritional support for lean muscle gain
  • Supported body weight growth and FCR
  • Increased profitability

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