Why a strong immune system is necessary

To perform at a high level, animals need a strong and effective immune system. ROVIMIX® E50 is an advanced formulation providing vitamin E for animal nutrition and health.

A strong immune system allows animals to perform to their full potential. Although vitamin E is essential for an effective immune system, animals are unable to produce it themselves. They need to obtain it through their diet. A high quality additive such as ROVIMIX® E50 is the ideal way to achieve this.

Suitable for many species, ROVIMIX® E50 contains the highly bioavailable and effective form of vitamin E. It meets animal requirements in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

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Selected species

More robust poultry

A strong immune system is also vital in modern poultry production. By acting as an antioxidant, ROVIMIX® E50 has shown to boost immune function, which supports optimal growth rates and reduces mortality.

The result is increased returns from all systems.

Higher-performing dairy cows

Udder infections are bad news on dairy farms – but we know how to reduce the problems caused by mastitis.

Reducing cases of clinical mastitis means that more milk can be sold and fewer antibiotics will be required. If somatic cell counts are reduced, then milk yields will increase, while the risk of infection through cross-contamination will be greatly reduced. A further benefit of improved udder health is that fewer cows will be culled early.

The cow’s immune system is the first line of defense against udder infections. ROVIMIX® E50 builds a stronger immune system, reducing a cow’s vulnerability to infections.

Main Benefits

  • Reduce the intramammary infection rate at calving by up to 80%
  • Cut the duration of mastitis cases in infected cows by up to 50%, meaning a faster return to production
  • Lower herd somatic cell counts

The overall effect is higher-producing, more profitable cows.

Better fertility means higher production and fewer early culls. After ROVIMIX® E50 was added to their diets, cows were shown to have fewer days to first oestrus and shorter calving to conception intervals. All of which is good news for farmers aiming to improve fertility.

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