dsm-firmenich World Mycotoxin Survey


The longest running and most comprehensive data set on mycotoxin occurrence.

The dsm-firmenich Mycotoxin Survey constitutes the longest running and most comprehensive data set on mycotoxin occurrence. Starting already in 2004, it allows to study the yearly changes in the occurrence of mycotoxins in different world regions. The increasing sample size over the years gives detailed insights on the incidence of the six major mycotoxins in the agricultural commodities used for livestock feed in order to identify the potential risk posed to livestock animal production.

The dsm-firmenich Mycotoxin Survey is part of our technical services. We offer mycotoxin analysis to our customers to help to identify mycotoxin risk in their raw commodities and final feeds. The biggest part of our survey data comes from routine analyses and is a joint effort with clients globally to collect over 20 000 samples/year.

Download the dsm-firmenich World Mycotoxin Survey January to March 2024 [PDF]

Until March, 5,383 samples were collected and analyzed from 64 countries around the world, and the report is now available for you to download.

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Occurrence and Risk Level Indicator

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  • Mycotoxin occurrence data by region and subregion (updated regularly)
  • Risk level indicator for farm animals 

Stay informed about the risk of mycotoxin contamination with the dsm-firmenich Mycotoxin Survey:

With our regular updates on the current levels of mycotoxin contamination in different commodities and regions of the world, we want to inform and support feed and animal producers to get a better picture of the mycotoxin risk in their region or in imported feed ingredients.

Every quarter we publish an updated World Mycotoxin Survey Report to provide the newest results. Special reports during harvesting season help to complete the picture. The annual World Mycotoxin Survey Webinar allows us to look at the full year mycotoxin contamination and gives an outlook on commodities that will be used in the year ahead.

Get more insights on the multiple co-occurring mycotoxins and the so-called emerging (or unregulated) mycotoxins:

Our long-term monitoring of mycotoxins in different commodities shows that co-occurrence of mycotoxins is the rule and not the exception. With the support of state-of the art analytical methods based on LC-MS/MS we can detect multiple mycotoxins in one run. We offer two multi-mycotoxin analysis methods: Spectrum Top® 50 and Spectrum 380®. Based on these methods we can give a clearer picture of the multiple mycotoxins co-occurring and the presence of masked and emerging mycotoxins. We include highlights of the multi-mycotoxin analysis method results in our Survey Reports and can share more results on request.