World Egg Day 2022

Every second Friday of October, we celebrate World Egg Day to raise awareness for the power of the egg. Join us on October 14 to eggxplore the huge potential of our cracking little friends and how they positively impact our lives. For this year’s theme ‘Eggs for a better life’, we would like to take you on an eggxtraordinary journey in collaboration with the International Egg Commission. Meet the dsm-firmenich Egg Family and let our superheroes show you the egg’s incredible power to support the wellbeing of poultry, people and the planet.


Meet the dsm-firmenich Super Egg Family – Stronger than ever

For this year’s World Egg Day, all of the dsm-firmenich Egg family members come out of their shell to turn into the superheroes the world needs. They are not only tasty, they are also eggxtermely healthy, good for the planet and beneficial for our livelihoods.

Grandpa EggXpert has divided the family into three teams. Meet them below and follow our dsm-firmenich Egg Family on their mission.

Better for our Health

Thanks to their high bioavailability and nutrient density, eggs have the capacity to directly improve human health around the world. Many of the essential vitamins and minerals found in eggs are key nutrients for a healthy, active lifestyle and to perform at your best.

At dsm-firmenich, we know that both the nature and the appearance of food are major criteria for consumers. As the dsm-firmenich Egg Family is on their mission to ensure people recognize eggs for their health benefits, we offer solutions to help egg producers achieve the specific egg yolk color consumers are looking for. Ultimately, preferences vary but consumers around the world recognize that a golden yolk invariably comes from a healthy hen.

Take a look at the eggvice and solutions from Team People below and find out how we can help you achieve the right pigmentation in poultry.

EggXtra Mom
Our own social media influencer EggXtra Mom is into self-help and mindfulness – time to achieve the best version of yourself!

Quote: “The high nutrient density of eggs supports the body’s immune system, advances physical growth and aids child brain development.”

Superpower: Can help you achieve the best workout results with her special egg recipes.


As our most sporty superhero, EggXercise has an endless amount of energy.

Quote: “I can do 100 kick-flips in a row. Just give me some eggs for breakfast.”

Superpower: Can sense the exact number of eggs you need to get in shape.


  • To achieve essential vitamin D levels in poultry, to produce high-quality eggs and human health benefits: Hy-D®

Better for our Planet

Eggs are a low impact protein source: they have among the lowest environmental footprint of common animal protein sources. As such, the egg industry remains committed to producing nutritious foods in a sustainable way, actively supporting a better life for all.

At dsm-firmenich, we see it as our mission to drive and achieve a worldwide transformation in sustainable animal protein production. Find out how We Make It Possible to reduce food loss and waste and to reduce emissions from livestock.

Take a look at the eggvice and solutions from Team Planet below and find out how we accelerate solutions that will foster a brighter future for all.


Got a question about eggs? EggXpert is our walking encyclopedia.

Quote: “Did you know eggs are one of the most sustainable sources of protein?"

Superpower: Can answer egg questions before you even ask them.


  1. Find out how to reduce emissions from livestock
  2. Assess the environmental footprint of your farm and see how it can be improved with Sustell™


Ensuring egg quality, that’s what EggQuality is all about. With the digital YolkFan™ by her side, she makes sure everyone can enjoy the best eggs.

Quote: “Let me grab my digital YolkFan™. Golden yolk coming through!”

Superpower: Can sense a good egg from a mile away.


  1. Explore our CAROPHYLL® portfolio to enhance sustainable production and produce high-quality eggs consistently. Utilize the easy-to-use YolkFan™ to check and adjust egg yolk color.
  2. Meet consumer expectations and reduce food loss and waste

Better for our Livelihoods

The egg industry is a significant source of income for producers around the world.

At dsm-firmenich, we support producers to lower feed cost pressure. Thanks to our feed enzymes portfolio, they can make more out of less. To further support optimal growth, we improve nutrition and performance by maximizing nutrients for birds, thereby improving profitability.

Our solutions are designed to enhance performance. This supports and protects poultry's health and raises the profitability of production.

Take a look at the eggvice and solutions from Team Livelihood below and find out how we drive feed cost optimization.

EggCellent Dad
Our chef de cuisine whips up the most delicious egg recipes even faster than before. And in EggCellent’s kitchen, nothing goes to waste!

Quote“Efficiency is my middle name!”

Superpower: Knows exactly how to enhance the performance of livestock and optimize feed cost.


  • Discover dsm-firmenich's feed enzyme solutions, designed to drive feed cost optimization and the profitability of production.


As a superhero, EggCentric helps producers improve their livelihoods. She knows how to enhance animal health and performance and thereby increase profitability.

Quote: “There’s always something you can do to raise efficiency of production and improve your livelihood.”

Superpower: Knows which step to take to improve animals' performance.


  1. To protect animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed: Mycofix®
  2. Optimize nutritional absorption and digestion to improve poultry’s immunity and gut health, so poultry gets more from their feed: Balancius® and Symphiome™