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DSM VitroStealth® Coating test results indicate its potential in the design of biosensing devices

Berkeley CA, US, 25 Oct 2011 15:15 CET

Non-fouling coating technology does not inhibit glucose or oxygen transport in filter membranes

DSM, a global leader in biomedical materials, today announced that new test results indicate its VitroStealth® coating can be used in the design of biosensors, such as those for continuous glucose monitoring. VitroStealth coating is a durable and non-fouling coating designed to prevent unwanted protein absorption and cellular adhesion on synthetic surfaces. Study data indicates that VitroStealth coating does not inhibit the transport of glucose or oxygen through coated filters. This opens the door to its application in the design of biosensors, where permeability and non-fouling are important requirements.

With these characteristics, VitroStealth coating is expected to improve the performance of long-term, in-vivo diagnostic devices like biosensors. For example, VitroStealth coating is designed to prevent protein adhesion, thereby increasing the longevity of biosensors and extending the time of accurate signal transmission. The device can remain in the patient for a longer period of time, which improves cost efficiency. VitroStealth coating’s characteristics also indicate its application in the design of in-vitro diagnostics, such as point-of-care capillaries, blood capillaries and microfluidic devices, and ex-vivo tools, such as blood filters and pre-filled syringes.

“As DSM continues to break new ground in biomedical materials and technology we are excited to expand VitroStealth® coating further in the medical diagnostic arena though collaborative relationships with innovative companies,” said John Marugg, Business Manager, Coatings, DSM Biomedical. “The advanced VitroStealth coating technology has the potential to be used in an expanding array of applications that can ultimately help manage or improve the health of patients.”

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