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With more than 70 years of experience, dsm-firmenich can offer you the broadest portfolio of fat-soluble and water-soluble vitamins in the industry. 

Nutritional Lipids

With a portfolio that includes market-leading products in both fish-and algae-sourced omega-3s, dsm-firmenich is the global leader in nutritional lipid solutions. 


We offer a wide range of highly functional, naturally sourced, and nature-based carotenoids, ranging from beta-carotene to lutein and zeaxanthin. 


Our nutraceuticals fit easily into people’s daily diets and offer positive, lifestyle-oriented wellness and nutritional benefits. 

Digestive Enzymes

We offer solutions for healthy digestion and optimal nutrient breakdown.


We offer solutions that foster and support a diverse and healthy microbiome.

Human Milk Oligosaccharides

Human Milk Oligosaccharides are a collection of carbohydrate structures and the third most abundant solid component of human milk after lipids and lactose. Learn more about our innovative portfolio solutions for the Early Life Nutrition Market and the Dietary Supplements Market.

Cannabinoids (CBD)

Deliver CBD innovation with speed and confidence. dsm-firmenich has created a platform for health benefit-driven market-ready and premix CBD solutions, made with globally trusted ingredients. 

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