Unlock the holistic health potential of the microbiome

Redefine gut health with Humiome®

The human microbiome holds incredible potential for holistic health, yet its full benefits remain largely untapped. At dsm-firmenich, we strive each day to unlock the power of ingredients for the gut and beyond. Humiome® represents a new way of thinking for the gut health market, going beyond the focus on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ bacteria in isolation – because we believe it takes more than a single ingredient approach to deliver on consumers’ most pivotal health needs.

Our pioneering Humiome® biotics portfolio is shaped by microbiome science and consumer needs, and comprises probiotics and postbiotics and multi-ingredient custom solutions including biotics and vitamins delivered with Microbiome Targeted Technology. 

Discover holistic health
from the microbiome

By selectively supporting and preserving the four key pillars of a healthy gut ecosystem to maintain its natural balance, Humiome® can help brands create purpose-led solutions that unlock the holistic health potential of the gut.

With a next-generation clinically documented, IP-protected portfolio, brands can leverage our Humiome® biotics Premix and Market-ready Solutions to bring innovative Health from the Gut products to market, faster. 

Postbiotic innovation backed by science

Postbiotics are gaining momentum in the gut health space due to their various science-backed benefits, including digestive health, metabolic heart health, immunity and brain health. What’s more, their exceptional stability, extended shelf life and easy-to-use dry powder format makes manufacturing a breeze. 


of consumers associate postbiotics with aiding or improving immune health4

4. FMCG Gurus: Prebiotics, Probiotics & Postbiotics – Global Report; September 2022

US $104.7m

postbiotics revenue5

5. Frost & Sullivan, Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Nutrition & Wellness Industry; December 2022.


expected postbiotics market CAGR by 20265

5. Frost & Sullivan, Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Nutrition & Wellness Industry; December 2022.

Introducing Humiome® B2

Humiome® B2 with Microbiome Targeted Technology™ (MTT™) offers patented prebiotic-like benefits for the gut microbiome. It enhances gut health, immunity, mental well-being, and metabolic health. Unlike typical solutions, it releases ~90% of its vitamin B2 in the lower intestine and colon, supporting a nourished gut environment. This promotes bacterial metabolism, resilience, and shields against oxidative stress.

Health from the Gut
starts here

Rethink the gut microbiome’s potential with Health from the Gut – a new approach to gut health innovation that supports and preserves the key pillars of a healthy gut ecosystem to maintain its natural balance. 

Unlock the power of the human microbiome 

Together, we’re excited to push new boundaries in the fast-growing Health from the Gut category with a new way of thinking backed by the Humiome® Biotics portfolio. Get in touch to discover how our Humiome® portfolio – backed by proven ingredients, customized solutions and expert services – can help you unlock the holistic health benefits of a balanced gut ecosystem. 

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