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Supporting faster recovery in surgical patients

Malnutrition is a serious risk factor for low immune function and complications in surgical patients, leading to longer hospital stays and increased vulnerability towards infection. To prevent this, the Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) concept advocates the integration of perioperative nutritional therapy into the overall management of patients that require surgery.

Medical nutrition solutions can support the nutritional care of these individuals by helping them to achieve the nutrient intake they need to recover. Download our guide to discover why taking a condition-specific approach to medical nutrition innovation enables manufacturers to develop targeted, effective and appealing products that address the special nutritional requirements of these patients.

Rethinking pre- and post-surgery care

If a patient is malnourished, they have a three times greater risk of having a complication at the time of surgery. Support the recovery of surgical patients with optimized medical nutrition products.

Nutritional lipids in medical nutrition solutions 

Mounting evidence indicates that EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids help to support the management of specific medical needs in areas such as oncology, perioperative care and brain health. This whitepaper outlines the latest science on nutritional lipids, including which patients would benefit most from EPA and DHA intervention.

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