Infant Nutrition

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At dsm-firmenich we are specialists in infant nutrition solutions. we offer a complete portfolio of nutritional ingredients that meet the highest safety and quality requirements, including HMOs, DHA omega-3 and ARA omega-6 fully customizable premix solutions. As the science and regulatory landscapes are continuously evolving, we monitor the latest nutrition science and regulatory changes to help our customers with our dedicated services from application, technical, regulatory to scientific and marketing services.

HMOs and Probiotics: Working together to enhance infant health with Synbiotics

Break new ground in early life nutrition with dsm-firmenich's groundbreaking synbiotic solutions, which combine the power of human milk oligosaccharides (HMOS) and probiotics to help support infant health and development. Visit our new Synbiotic page for more information. 

Webinar: Harnessing the Power of HMOs in Early Life Nutrition with dsm-firmenich

Here at dsm-firmenich, we believe in offering science backed solutions to help babies around the world to lead a brighter life. Thanks to new advances in science, the emerging health benefits of HMOs can be leveraged to support infants throughout the first thousand days. Watch our latest webinar to learn how our HMOs can take your innovations to the next level.

Video: ARA and DHA in Infant Nutrition

At dsm-firmenich, we recognize that human milk is the gold standard of infant nutrition. Our goal is for infant formula to be closer to breastmilk in composition and functionality. Watch our latest video to learn more about the importance of ARA and DHA in human milk and how dsm-firmenich can be your end-to-end partner in creating infant nutrition products that support healither, happier babies and create brighter lives for all.


Babies and Nursing

Nutrition while nursing is just as important as nutrition during pregnancy. Breast milk represents the nutritional gold standard for infant nutrition and supports optimal growth, development and long-term health. Explore the various products and expert services dsm-firmenich provides to support moms and their babies throughout early life.  

Purpose-led products for babies and nursing

Explore our vitamin, lipid, carotenoid and nutraceutical solutions for babies and nursing.

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Toddlers (1-3 years)

The early childhood years are developmentally important and set the stage for lifelong health and well-being. Pound for pound, growing children need more nutrients than adults to support their rapid growth and development. Explore the various products and expert services dsm-firmenich provides to ensure little kids fuel their bodies for optimal growth and development

Purpose-led products for toddlers (1-3 years)

Explore our vitamin, lipid, carotenoid and nutraceutical solutions for toddlers.

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