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Unlock the true power of the gut microbiome

A healthy human gut microbiome produces wide-ranging benefits beyond digestion. Promising clinical evidence and growing interest from the global scientific community have spotlighted benefits as diverse as supporting immune function, brain health, better mood and more. In parallel, increasing consumer awareness of the link between gut microbiome and overall health is driving greater demand for solutions that tap into the gut microbiome’s health potential.

Our Health from the Gut solutions are based on a deep understanding of the complex and interdependent interactions within gut ecosystems, and their links to holistic wellbeing. That’s why we’re taking a different approach to gut health innovation – one that supports and preserves the key pillars of a healthy gut ecosystem to maintain its natural balance. 


76% of consumers recognize the link between good gut health and overall wellness1

1. DSM Global Health Concerns Study 2023

68% of consumers are interested in digestive health maintenance even when not suffering from specific issues2

2. FMCG Gurus Digestive Health in 2022 and Beyond – Global Report

3 in 5 US adults eat foods to encourage a healthy gut microbiome3 

3. Mattucci S. “The Future Foundation of a Healthy Gut.” Mintel blog. Published January 6, 2022. 

A new way of thinking: the gut fingerprint

The gut is a complex, highly interdependent system comprised of trillions of microorganisms. And each human’s gut composition is distinctive as a fingerprint – not only in terms of viral populations, but on a bacterial and metabolic level as well.
This gut ‘fingerprint’ is unique to every body. Yet every ‘fingerprint’  must work in careful harmony within the wider gut ecosystem and its key pillars – the gut environment, gut barrier, keystone species and natural modulation – to deliver the holistic health benefits the  gut is capable of.
As a result, there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to supporting health from the gut. That’s why we’re taking a different approach  to gut health innovation. A new method which seeks to support and preserve the key pillars of a healthy ecosystem to maintain its natural balance and function. 

The Health from the Gut ecosystem

We take an ‘ecosystems’ approach to support the gut’s natural function. 

1. A healthy gut environment 

Like any natural ecosystem, a healthy and well-nourished gut environment is essential for the microbiome to flourish. When microbiome balance is disrupted, the physical environment impacting on bacterial metabolism is also disrupted – under these conditions, it can be difficult to restore balance through single biotic solutions.

dsm-firmenich’s microbial nutrients directly support bacterial metabolism to foster resilience and protection from oxidative stress, allowing full performance and ecosystem function. 

2. Keystone species 

A keystone species is an organism that holds together the complex web of relationships in an ecosystem – much like the ochre starfish, which keeps populations of mussels and barnacles in check to enable healthy populations of seaweed and the communities that feed on them.

In the gut, this includes specific microbes – which have evolved over time to play a critical role in microbiome balance and functionality. Without its keystone species, the bacterial ecosystem would not function optimally.

dsm-firmenich’s ingredients are designed to selectively support keystone species  to foster network performance and preserve microbiome ecosystem function. 

3. Gut barrier integrity 

Just as the ozone layer protects life on earth from harmful radiation, a strong gut barrier helps to maintain the homeostasis of the gut network and prevent the onset of uncontrolled inflammation and subsequent disease.

dsm-firmenich has the expertise and ingredients to strengthen the intestinal barrier and therefore facilitate balanced gut functions. 

4. Microbiome-independent mechanisms 

Similar to how the moon influences ecosystems on Earth, there are a range of independent factors in the microbiome that indirectly impact health from the gut.

The moon’s effect on tides, light and circalunar rhythms occurs indirectly from a distance. Likewise, microbiome-independent mechanisms play an indirect role in wider health and wellbeing, for example improving digestion, nutrient absorption and receptor signaling communications along the gut-immune axis.

As well as illuminating the unique role of the gut microbiome for our health, we continue to hone our understanding of mechanisms independent of the gut microbiome and how they impact overall gut and human health – so that we can mimic and strengthen the entire network of mode of actions. 


More consumers recognize the connection between a healthy gut microbiome and its role in overall wellness. Discover how dsm-firmenich can help you thrive in this booming market with combinations of proven, gut-supporting ingredients, customized solutions and expert services that unlock the holistic health benefits of a balanced gut ecosystem. 


Stand out on the shelves with dsm-firmenich’s portfolio of premium Health from the Gut ingredients designed to deliver targeted benefits beyond digestive health. With exclusive Trademark License Agreements (TLAs) that you can leverage and display on product packaging, it’s never been easier to strengthen your product’s positioning and amplify the health benefit label claims that consumers seek. 

Customized Solutions

We know how time-consuming and complex it can be to develop and launch exceptional products. That’s why we go beyond ingredients to offer quality customized solutions that help bring your next Health from the Gut product to life with greater efficiency, success and speed-to-market. Explore dsm-firmenich’s extensive range of Premix and Market-ready Solutions – multi-ingredient solutions and finished products in innovative formats designed to capture consumers’ attention. 

Premix Solutions

dsm-firmenich’s Premix Solutions combine proprietary products with a precise selection of third-party ingredients to create blends that synergistically modulate the microbiome to deliver gut and overall health benefits. Serving as a convenient single solution with several advantages, Premix Solutions offer unrivalled quality that meets or even exceeds industry standards while significantly reducing the complexity of your value chain 

Market-ready Solutions 

Take a smarter approach to product development. Get your consumer-inspired Health from the Gut product to market even faster with our turnkey Market-ready Solutions. dsm-firmenich’s unrivalled portfolio of 100% finished all-in-one products can be customized for different requirements, offering a combination of novel Health from the Gut ingredients and fast-tracked co- development from concept to consumer. 

Expert Services

Our Health from the Gut platform is championed by a team of passionate experts and scientists that know it takes more than just delivering an ingredient to be successful – it takes a team with know-how, experience and a deep understanding of how our products and solutions impact the market. Get support along your entire product development cycle – from concept to launch, and beyond – with our unique expert services; including application and technical, innovation and R&D, insights and marketing, regulatory and quality and scientific services. 

Your end-to-end partner for Health from the Gut innovation

Together, we can push the boundaries and define new frontiers in the expanding gut health market. Let’s co-create new ways of thinking and pioneer elevated solutions that better support consumers’ holistic health needs.

Partner with dsm-firmenich today to create brighter lives for all – one Health from the Gut solution at a time. 

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