Ending hidden hunger through transformative partnerships

Uniting to transform global nutrition

dsm-firmenich is committed to closing the micronutrient gap of 800 million to advance opportunities for individuals, communities and countries – but we cannot accomplish this ambition alone. That’s why we cultivate transformative partnerships for nutrition, that extend across a wide spectrum of organizations, including governments, NGOs, United Nations agencies, research institutions, academia, donors, and businesses. Our aim is to create a nutrition system transformed by radical public-private collaboration, and to do so we rally diverse stakeholders to unite in service of a common mission: to end hidden hunger for all by 2030. 

The power of our nutrition partnerships lies in their ability to deliver effective nutritional solutions worldwide. Our collective effort amplifies our impact in addressing global nutritional challenges through collaborative work that spans scientific research, advocacy, capacity building, program implementation, and regulatory monitoring. By bringing together the resources and expertise of diverse stakeholders working toward a common purpose, we are developing innovative, inclusive business models that truly empower the communities that need it most. 


“Malnutrition starves millions of the chance to develop their full potential, to the detriment of progress and prosperity worldwide. Cross-sector collaboration is required to rapidly expand access to essential, life-changing nutritional solutions to achieve a brighter future for all."

Yannick Foing – Global Director
dsm-firmenich Nutrition Improvement

Making an impact globally

Real-world examples demonstrate the effectiveness of our nutrition partnerships.



An initiative from our ongoing partnership with the World Food Programme (WFP) has supported more than 70 SMEs in Bangladesh to build their capacity to produce fortified rice which looks, cooks, and tastes just like ordinary rice, but includes essential vitamins and minerals that help curb micronutrient deficiencies. This initiative has directly benefitted local food producers and processors. As a direct consequence, there are now more than 7 million people in the country with access to fortified rice through social safety nets. Read on to find out more about our partnership with the WFP.



We worked alongside our partners UNICEF, Sight and Life and the Government of Nigeria to scale-up its micronutrient powder (MNP) program to reach those suffering from malnutrition. This collaborative effort has delivered essential nutrients to over 3 million children across 10 Nigerian states and helped save countless young lives.

We have collaborated with UNICEF and Sight and Life since 2013, and our collaboration is continuing to grow in strength. We are currently striving to further scale and improve the nutritional health of about 3 million children by reaching mothers and children during their crucial first 1,000 days of life.3

Across the Global South

Our work with World Vision has also seen the successful delivery of nutritionally improved foods through staple food fortification and bold new public health initiatives to the most vulnerable in the Global South. We have successfully developed and executed sustainable, market-driven programs that connect public and private sector efforts to enhance nutrition and spur local economic growth in countries such as Brazil, Rwanda, Indonesia, Kenya and Ethiopia.5

Public sector partnerships: paving the way for change

With our expertise in food fortification, supplementation, and nutritional education, dsm-firmenich supports governments and UN agencies to improve nutrition through public health programs and targeted interventions.

Our technical expertise helps our partners to design and deliver fortification programs that make nutritious diets accessible to vulnerable populations. With a combination of historic expertise, innovation and the prevision of micronutrient premixes, we support these partners to deliver impactful public health interventions. 

Through the delivery of educational and behavior change campaigns, we are expanding awareness of the necessity of good nutrition globally. This vital work helps to increase the uptake of nutritional solutions in vulnerable communities worldwide. 

Whether implementing a regional fortification program or a global vitamin delivery initiative, dsm-firmenich combines technical leadership and local knowledge to provide interventions that deliver on impact. Our commitment to creating a brighter future for all with the provision of essential and equitable nutrition makes us a valuable ally for public sector organizations seeking to advance health and food security worldwide.


dsm-firmenich and the World Food Programme: uplifting communities and transforming lives 

dsm-firmenich and the World Food Programme (WFP) share a commitment to eliminating hidden hunger worldwide. Our innovative public-private collaboration was established in 2007. In the subsequent years, we have successfully transformed lives and created ripple effects of positive change by uplifting communities. 

We have contributed our expertise and resources to co-create and improve over 10 nutritious, fortified foods, including MNPs and Super Cereals, that are estimated to benefit 35 million+ people worldwide each year.4 Our technical expertise and resources, when deployed in conjunction with the WFP’s unparalleled access and logistical capabilities, are helping to eliminate micronutrient deficiencies at scale. 

Improving the nutritional content of the world’s number one staple food

dsm-firmenich and the WFP have collaborated extensively to increase production and access to nutritious fortified rice, which has proven to be effective at improving the health of vulnerable populations worldwide., We worked together alongside rice millers and institutions in 19 countries to significantly scale up the capacity for fortified rice production.4 This partnership has increased availability and the consumption of rice fortified with essential micronutrients for millions who rely on it as a dietary staple.

Driving food system transformation

Our partnership with the WFP extends beyond the provision of products: together, we are driving food system transformation. We know that resilient, equitable food systems are sustained by the communities they serve. That is why we are committed to increasing local production capacity of nutritious fortified food, improving its accessibility and affordability as a consequence. 

From supporting small mills to fortify rice in Bangladesh and SUN business networks to integrate and improve nutrition in Sub-Saharan Africa, we are empowering communities with the infrastructure and the knowledge necessary to drive long-term food system transformation. 4,6 Our collective efforts are making nutritious foods increasingly available and affordable for the populations that need them the most. 

Our partnership with the WFP embodies the potential that cross-sector collaboration has in delivering essential and equitable nutrition. It provides an active demonstration of how the public sector can deliver impact when it joins forces with private innovation. This collaboration serves as an inspirational example for others to work creatively across sector boundaries to provide solutions for struggling communities worldwide. With the right nutrition partnerships, we can create a brighter future for all – one where no child goes to bed hungry. 

A vital role for the private sector in advancing essential and equitable nutrition

Achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goal of zero hunger will require extensive collaboration between committed partners across the public and private sectors. The different strengths of these sectors complement each other, and cross-sector collaboration can achieve impact at scale. While the public sector can provide funding and infrastructure, private sector businesses can contribute technical expertise, innovation capabilities and access to distribution channels to overcome barriers to nutrient access. When the public sector's population reach and regulatory powers are combined with the private sector's supply chain and networks, proven nutritional interventions like fortification can be scaled-up efficiently. 

By leveraging one another's unique capabilities and resources, public and private sector collaboration can result in effective nutritional interventions that have greater sustainability and scalability. 

Collaborate with a global leader to meet nutritional needs


The human cost of hidden hunger is significant, as deficiencies in iron, vitamin A, iodine, folate and other micronutrients can impair fetal development, reduce workforce productivity and limit a child's physical and cognitive potential. Through our advocacy work on the far-reaching benefits of proper nutrition, we can inspire our public sector and agency partners to address malnutrition with best-in-class business practices and investments.


dsm-firmenich supports private partners in developing impactful, nutritious products - from initial concept to consumer availability. Through scientific research and technical guidance, we can advise upon strategies to meet the immense humanitarian needs of hidden hunger and demonstrate the commercial opportunity of fortification. Our provision of micronutrient premixes and quality assurance at every stage provides reliable support to partners seeking to seamlessly integrate fortification into production. These win-win partnerships allow companies to expand into new markets while improving nutrition security.


Achieving global impact requires multiple industries to commit to integrating nutrition into business strategies. dsm-firmenich calls upon the private sector to invest in nutritious products, utilize fortification expertise and adopt strong workforce nutrition programs. By combining shared expertise, resources, capabilities and reach, we can build sustainable and scalable models for delivering essential nutrients. Our task is immense, but we have faith that through partnerships that align business and nutritional goals, we can transform food systems and close the micronutrient gap. 

Advocacy: raising awareness and delivering essential aid 

We are committed to putting a human face to the hidden hunger crisis by sharing stories of how impactful interventions have uplifted communities and improved outcomes for individuals. Alongside our partners, we simplify the scientific information that underlies the success of nutritional interventions and collaboratively share stories from the field. By relaying these narratives through thought leadership and multi-media campaigns, we creatively demonstrate the positive impact that fortification and supplementation programs have. This storytelling inspires more partners in industry, governments and agencies to join us in our mission to end hidden hunger for all. 

By prioritizing collective action, we demonstrate how well-orchestrated campaigns and international cooperation can accelerate the implementation of nutrition solutions and improve their impact.


Partner with dsm-firmenich

Join our mission to revolutionize global nutrition through strategic collaboration. Ending malnutrition and hidden hunger delivers immense benefits, yet no one organization can drive this change alone. By collectively applying our strengths in advocacy, management, capacity building, implementation and regulatory monitoring, we can make real progress. With the coordinated efforts of governments, private companies and non-profits, we can build the strategic partnerships needed to transform nutrition worldwide.8

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