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Innovate with confidence in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets.  

Unlock the potential of CBD   

Interest is building rapidly in the cannabidiol (CBD) space; powered by rising consumer awareness and uptake of the ingredient, and the emergence of new science indicating the potential of CBD potential across a number of important health benefit and therapeutic areas. 

In partnership with pioneers in the CBD market DSM has created a platform to deliver the quality, purity and reliability that the nutrition and pharmaceutical industries demand. Leveraging our clinical, regulatory and application expertise, we’re helping customers enter the market early and build a leading position with confidence.

  1. Explore the potential of CBD
  2. Expand the research behind CBD health benefits and claims
  3. Develop next generation CBD-based solutions

The CBD market is full of promise. Let’s discover this ingredient’s innovation potential, together. 

CBD for dietary supplements

CBD is set to disrupt the dietary supplement category, presenting an opportunity for rapid, scalable growth. Find out how our innovative market-ready and customized premix solutions are enabling customers to develop purpose-led, health benefit-driven products – from concept to consumer – with speed and confidence. 

CBD for pharmaceuticals

Be among the first to realize the possibilities of CBD as an active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). Discover how our CBD innovation platform is enabling pharmaceutical customers to explore the potential of CBD API in early-stage drug development, to ultimately unlock and deliver value-added therapeutical solutions that will support global patient health.

Your partner for CBD innovation 

dsm-firmenich is at the forefront of innovation in the rapidly evolving CBD space. As a reliable purpose-led partner, dsm-firmenich offers a broad portfolio of science-backed products and customized solutions powered by expert services that are uniquely aimed at supporting CBD innovation in the dietary supplement and pharmaceutical markets. This takes more than ingredients; it takes a partner.

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