Tailor nutritional management to your drug therapy

Discover the power of medical nutrition in holistic patient care

Combining drug therapies and medical nutrition: a new approach to patient care 

Malnutrition is common in many patients and can lead to complications that negatively impact clinical outcomes, recovery and quality of life. Getting the right nutritional care in a timely manner is therefore critical in championing the health of patients.

Growing scientific evidence demonstrates the game-changing potential of pairing tailored medical nutrition solutions with specific drug treatments, especially in the field of cancer management. This is creating a myriad of opportunities for pharmaceutical brands to integrate medical nutrition products into their therapeutic portfolios.

Discover the science-based benefits of medical nutrition in cancer care 

Patients with cancer are at high risk for malnutrition. If not addressed properly, patients can experience poor health outcomes and greater risk of mortality. Malnutrition can also negatively affect the efficacy of oncology treatment and a patient’s tolerance to therapy. Yet only 30%-60% of patients with cancer who are at risk of malnutrition receive nutritional support.

Increasing evidence demonstrates the benefits of medical nutrition in patients with cancer, including weight gain or weight maintenance, improved quality of life and tolerance to anticancer therapy. Download our whitepaper to explore the science-based benefits of combining pharmaceutical oncology therapies with targeted medical nutrition solutions, and how dsm-firmenich can help customers innovate in this space. 

The expert view: how to tackle malnutrition with targeted medical nutrition products

Disease-related malnutrition is a complex form of malnutrition caused by the disease itself or its treatment, and it can affect as many as one in three patients admitted to hospital.1,2,3 It leads to decreased muscle mass and weight loss, and diminished physical and mental function; significantly impacting patient health and cost of care. So, how can pharmaceutical manufacturers help to tackle it?

Get an expert perspective from dsm-firmenich’s Barbara Troesch, Senior Scientific Affairs Manager in Global Pharmaceutics and Medical Nutrition.


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Partner for better patient care

dsm-firmenich is passionate about supporting the nutritional needs of patients no matter where they are in their journey, from diagnosis through to continuum of care post-treatment. As a purpose-led innovation partner in the pharmaceutical space, we help customers develop and integrate tailored medical nutrition products into their drug portfolios by pairing nutrition with therapies. This takes more than ingredients; it takes a partner.

When you partner with dsm-firmenich you get access to the broadest ingredient offering in the industry, as well as customized solutions and end-to-end expert services at every stage of development – from concept to patient. Connect with one of our experts today to develop a medical nutrition solution that complements your drug therapy. 

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