Give your products a healthy boost with colorful carotenoids.

Colorful health benefits  

In addition to vibrant colors, dsm-firmenich Carotenoids will give your products healthy benefits. Certain carotenoids work as antioxidants in the body to protect cells, tissues and organs against the damaging effects of free radicals, which may contribute to the development of disorders such as cancer, heart disease and eye diseases.


Actilease® is an efficient microencapsulation technology addressing three key benefits: it guarantees top of the art stability – allowing customers to minimize overages and costs, it is proven to improve nutrient release and it provides any powder an excellent flowability that is crucial for handling at tablet manufacturers. 


Apocarotenal, or trans-β-apo-8'-carotenal, has an orange-red color that is used in foods, beverages and pharmaceutical products. Compared to certain natural pigments, apocarotenal offers ease-of-use and superior color stability.


Nature-identical astaxanthin, AstaSana™ is a high quality, high potency carotenoid with a vibrant red/pink color. It’s also a powerful antioxidant that also offers health and wellness benefits in dietary supplements.

CaroCare® (natural Beta-Carotene)

Our CaroCare® solution offers a range of natural-source beta-carotene formulations that offer ease-of-use, superior color stability and guaranteed minimum color intensity.


Beta-carotene is a member of the carotenoid family, known for its intense pigments. Beta-Carotene is also an antioxidant and a source of vitamin A. These attributes, combined with Beta-Carotene’s high pigmentation, make it an extremely effective and healthy color for use in food, beverage and dietary supplement applications.


Canthaxanthin is a natural pigment of the orange-yellow chanterelle mushroom and is often used for pigmentation in food, beverage and dietary supplement applications.

FloraGLO® Lutein

FloraGLO® lutein is the most clinically researched lutein brand worldwide. Lutein is the pigment found in the retina of the human eye and scientific data demonstrates its role in healthy vision. 

FloraGLO® is a registered trademark of Kemin Industries, Inc.

redivivo® Lycopene

Discover a nature-identical lycopene with the highest purity level. redivivo® Lycopene is available in various forms and offers superior stability, greater nutrient absorption and very low extrusion losses.

OPTISHARP® Natural Zeaxanthin

Zeaxanthin is a structural isomer that is a part of the carotenoids family and is available in many forms for dietary supplements, beverages and fortified foods. Together with lutein, it may protect against blue light, age-related macular degeneration (AMD) and may play a role in visual performance. 

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