Collaborating to end malnutrition with nutrition interventions

Over 3.1 billion people worldwide are unable to access a healthy diet.  That’s over a third of the global population who are at risk of serious micronutrient deficiencies.  The impact of this nutritional inequality limits the ability of infants, children and adults to reach their full potential, and we cannot continue in this way if we are to secure a healthy, thriving and sustainable future for all.   

To improve quality of life for those most in need, we’re dedicated to help close the micronutrient gap for all. Tapping into our extensive experience in the field of public health nutrition, our scientific experts have developed high-quality solutions tailored to deliver large-scale essential nutrition in the most effective and economical way. With these cost-effective nutrition interventions, we’ve made an ambitious commitment at dsm-firmenich to end micronutrient malnutrition for 800 million vulnerable people by 2030.  But we can’t do it alone. 

Many promising initiatives are already underway. But to achieve a greater impact amid increasingly challenging global socioeconomic and political conditions, it’s time for more radical collaboration between governments, NGOs, academia and businesses. To effectively end malnutrition, it will take partnership, innovation and commitment. Will you join us? 

Closing the micronutrient gap

Since 2019, an additional 150 million people have been impacted by hidden hunger, bringing the global total to an estimated 828 million.1

A problem of this magnitude requires an ambitious approach to design and deliver solutions of an equal scale. At dsm-firmenich, we believe in our collective potential to transform the global food system and end malnutrition. This belief can only be made a reality through close collaboration between the public and private sectors, coordinating strategic initiatives and investment to bring about positive and lasting change to the global nutrition system.

Bridging the micronutrient gap requires significant commitment and investment, but the returns have the potential to be transformational. Each dollar invested in ensuring adequate nutrition in the first 1,000 days generates up to 30 dollars in economic and social gains.1 Our philosophy is that purpose and commercial success can go hand in hand. Through scalable, economical and sustainable nutritional system interventions, we can all play a part in achieving this shared goal.


Putting quality at the forefront of nutritional interventions

To reach more people in need, dsm-firmenich works in partnership with both private companies and the public sector – including businesses, governments, United Nations agencies, non-governmental organizations, donors and others – to promote the large-scale use of high-quality, proven nutrition interventions. By investing in better quality control monitoring and advocating for change, we can deliver exceptional yet cost-effective nutritional solutions. These solutions will support sustainable business models and meet changing market needs to make a profound public health impact.

Driven by our commitment to improve lives through better nutrition, we’ve devoted our scientific expertise to create market-leading essential nutrients and vitamin and mineral premixes designed to effectively tackle micronutrient deficiencies. With decades of experience in high-impact nutrition solutions, our range of high-quality micronutrient-rich products offer both convenience and economic value, equipping our partners and customers with an efficient and cost-effective means to reach more people and deliver greater long-term impact at scale.

Investing in the future to
make malnutrition a thing of the past

As the end-to-end partner of choice, we not only produce and distribute fortified micronutrient blends and nutritional solutions around the world. We actively champion innovative and sustainable business models that center high-quality and cost-effective nutrition interventions to help bridge the global micronutrient gap. Our unique combination of regulatory, production and scientific expertise also equips us to deliver outstanding solutions that meet or exceed industry standards, delivered at a speed to achieve a positive impact on vulnerable populations worldwide fast.

It's time to step up and forge a new path where healthy diets are affordable and accessible to all. Where governments, NGOs and the private sector work in collaboration not silos, and invest in quality solutions instead of the cheapest, ending malnutrition becomes a shared responsibility rather than passing the buck.

To join our mission to end malnutrition and improve the quality of life for those most in need, contact us today and discover how you can positively impact the global food system. 

Nutritional interventions

dsm-firmenich nutritional interventions are designed to help the most vulnerable worldwide, and encompass emergency therapeutic food, supplements for public health programs, and large-scale food fortification. 

Customized nutritional solutions

dsm-firmenich creates customized solutions such as micronutrient premixes and Market-ready solutions that meet humanitarian needs and are commercially viable. 

End-to-end expert services

dsm-firmenich expert services support our partners to improve nutrition globally through formulation innovations, roll-out support, compliance advisory and more. 

Ready to make a greater nutritional impact at scale?

Let's explore effective and efficient food fortification strategies that truly transform the global food system.

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