Well protected for your well-being

Well protected for your well-being

From surgeons and nurses to physiotherapists and dentists: day in, day out, people take care of our health. It’s important that we protect them well from harmful bacterial and viral infections. At DSM, we develop innovative materials and products that offer this protection. Some innovative examples include our Arnitel® VT for medical gowns and FFP2-quality facemask made with meltblown polypropylene, the filter material for high-quality medical face masks, produced in the Netherlands.

Arnitel® VT for medical gowns, providing 100% protection and comfort
Our material scientists have been developing innovative materials for medical applications for more than 20 years. Arnitel® VT is a good example of their work. In medical and surgical gowns, this thermoplastic elastomer forms a monolithic membrane that provides 100% protection against bacteria and viruses. Because the material is highly breathable to moisture, the gowns remain comfortable through long  surgeries while keeping the surgical team safe. What’s more, the versatile material Arnitel® VT is fully recyclable.

For more info on Arnitel® VT for medical applications, visit the DSM Engineering Materials website.

Locally produced filter material for medical facemasks
The COVID-19 outbreak showed how important it is for continents to be able to meet their own needs for protective materials such as FFP2-quality face masks. This is why DSM and VDL Groep joined forces and founded the joint venture Dutch PPE Solutions. It is the first company to deliver professional face masks made entirely in the Netherlands. Starting May 2021, the filter material meltblown polypropylene will be produced in Geleen, The Netherlands, in a factory that was built in only six months.

With this local PPE production, we are helping professionals in healthcare and other sectors continue to do their work safely, today and in the future.

Of course, we also look at the environment and ways to reduce waste caused by used face masks. That’s why we are already using biobased raw material and 100% renewable electricity for the filter material manufacturing process, and are investigating how to make the production process of the facemask fully circular.

Want to learn more about our PPE production?
Visit the Dutch PPE Solutions website.

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