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DSM highlights anti-pollution and sun protection at the PCHi show in Guangzhou, China

Kaiseraugst, CH, 13 Feb 2017 12:00 CET

DSM will be in Guangzhou, China, on 21-23 February for this year’s PCHi show. The DSM Personal Care team will present the company’s new “5 Actives – 5 Actions” approach to improving skin resilience against environmental stressors. It will also give visitors the opportunity to experience high-SPF sun care with a light, pleasant skin feel.

Visitors to Booth 4C77 at the prestigious Personal Care and Homecare Ingredients show will find a wealth of information on how to protect skin against the growing threat from urban pollution, and how to formulate high-SPF sun care that is reliable yet appealing to users.

DSM and the hot topic of anti-pollution skin care

DSM’s “5 Actives – 5 Actions” concept is the result of targeted, in-depth research into the effects of common environmental stressors on skin and skin barrier function. It combines a selection of leading actives to comprehensively improve skin comfort, protection, tone, quality, and perfection.

The “Five Actives – Five Actions to protect skin against environmental pollution” presentation in room NTS1 at 3.00pm - 4.00pm on 21 February 2017 will offer visitors an opportunity to learn more about this concept and the science behind it.

DSM is making high-SPF sun care a more consumer-friendly experience

Selecting and combining UV filters to deliver targeted sun protection with a pleasant skin sensation is an art in itself. DSM’s PARSOL® SLX is the first polymeric UV-B filter for superior skin feel and also hair color protection. In combination with the gold standard emulsifier AMPHISOL® K it provides strong, reliable sun protection which feels light and pleasant on the skin.

Meet representatives of the DSM Sun Care team in Room NTS2 at 2.00pm on 22 February and experience how PARSOL® SLX in combination with AMPHISOL® K contributes to a “High SPF, light skin feeling”.

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