The first polymeric UV-B filter for superior skin feel and hair color protection

UV filters

A photostable UV filter that breaks through the boundaries of UVB and UVA to continue into the blue light spectrum

PARSOL® SLX (INCI: Polysilicone-15) is a silicone-based UV-B absorber. This colorless-to-pale yellow viscous liquid integrates easily with the oil phase of sunscreen formulation. PARSOL® SLX is the first polymeric UV-B filter consisting of chromophores attached to a silicone backbone and is an effective photostabilizer for PARSOL® 1789. When combined with PARSOL® HS this product can achieve a very high SPF (>30), enabling day care or sunscreen formulations that leave a dry, silky touch on the skin. PARSOL® SLX brings silkiness to formulation, adding sensory to performance and its polymeric structure ensures excellent skin compatibility building a uniform film for optimal sun protection.  PARSOL® SLX added to rinse-off and leave-on hair products delivers multiple benefits including prevention of colour fading, gloss enhancement and conditioning.


Product Status

  • INCI name: Polysilicone-15 
  • CAS number: 207574-74-1 
  • EINECS: 426-000-4  
  • Max use level approved: ✓ ASEAN: 10%, ✓ Australia: 10%, ✓ China: 10%, ✓ Europe: 10%, Japan: 10%, ✓ Mercosur: 10%, ✓ US: up to 1%*
  • Due to its polymeric nature, in vitro SPF measurements underestimate the performance of PARSOL® SLX! Formulations containing PARSOL® SLX should be therefore always checked by in vivo methods regarding SPF efficacy. Please contact our DSM application experts to benefit from our huge experience with PARSOL® SLX.  

* allowed as light stabilizer in skin care/sunscreen products. No concentration limit for hair care products)

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    PARSOL® TX (INCI: Titanium Dioxide, Silica, Dimethicone) is an inorganic UVB filter providing a very good SPF performance as well as a significant contribution to UVA protection into the blue light range.

  • PARSOL® Shield

    PARSOL® Shield (INCI: Bis-Ethylhexyloxyphenol Methoxyphenyl Triazine) is a photostable broad-spectrum filter which efficiently contributes to UVB and UVA protection across the full range of application forms at low concentrations.

  • PARSOL® 1789

    PARSOL® 1789 (INCI: Butyl Methoxydibenzoylmethane) is a very strong and efficient UVA absorber for sunscreen and other skin care formulations. It enables broadband protection when combined with effective UVB filters and can also contribute to SPF.


    PARSOL® ZX (INCI: Zinc Oxide, Triethoxycaprilylsilane) is an inorganic UV filter with a broad UVA‐UVB absorption curve that also goes into the blue light spectrum. Our grade with a particle size ensures SPF and best UVA performance.

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