Vitamin Management

Selected Species

Ensure birds are receiving optimal vitamin nutrition appropriate to their life stage and growing conditions to meet performance and sustainability goals.

Providing the right levels of vitamins

  • Vitamins are essential micronutrients which control metabolism by facilitating both the synthesis and degradation of nutrients for normal physiological functions such as growth, development, maintenance and reproduction
  • As the interactions between vitamins for metabolism are interlinked, estimating requirements for each vitamin separately is challenging
  • During feed processing, vitamin stability directly impacts vitamin efficacy and feed costs
  • Vitamin bioavailability influences how much of the vitamins fed are being used by the bird and how much is going to waste
  • Therefore, the needs for vitamin management in poultry production are:
    • Accurately predicting vitamin requirements for poultry life stage by sub-species
    • Providing high quality, bioavailable vitamins for optimal production and reproduction

Vitamin management solution

Providing optimum vitamin nutrition to birds ensures good health, productivity, food quality and nutritional value and can further improve attributes such as immunity, meat quality, bone health, and enrich poultry products. Vitamins must have high stability that can withstand feed processing technologies and must be bioavailable to ensure their utilization.

Using a monitoring system like blood biomarkers can also be a way to determine if birds are fed optimal vitamin nutrition for their environment. To ensure the sustainable use of vitamins, sustainability measurements can be done in order to minimize the wastage of vitamins into the environment.

Portfolio offering

  • OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition®

    OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® is about feeding animals high quality vitamins, produced with the lowest environmental footprint, in the right amounts, appropriate to their life stage and growing conditions, to optimize: • Animal Health and Welfare ▶ good for animals • Animal Performance ▶ good for farmers • Food Quality & Food Waste ▶ good for consumers and the planet

  • Hy-D®

    Hy-D® is the fast track vitamin D3 source, for a strong skeleton and better performance.

  • Sustell™

    Sustell™ is an intelligent sustainability service that combines the most advanced environmental foot printing calculation tool with expert sustainability, animal production and nutritional knowledge to create tailor-made, practical solutions and business development projects that enhance the environmental sustainability and profitability of animal farming. Sustell™ unlocks the value of animal production sustainability.

  • Verax™

    Harness the power of data to get a deeper understanding of the overall health, productivity and welfare of your animals.

Efficient and sustainable poultry solutions

Ensuring efficient nutrient utilization in your flock ensures healthy development, boosts productivity, and improves performance. By improving efficiency and sustainability, we at dsm-firmenich help you to drive your flock's performance and your profitability with confidence.