Efficient and sustainable poultry solutions

Global demand for poultry meat and eggs continues to grow. The poultry sector will need to evolve and innovate in line with this demand. At DSM, we develop solutions to address the challenges our customers face today, with an understanding of how the industry is being shaped for the future. The combination of cutting-edge products with precision services provides a wide range of benefits. 

Poultry feed can amount to 70% of your overall production costs. Efficient nutrient utilization ensures healthy development, boosts productivity and improves performance. By improving efficiency and sustainability, we at DSM help drive your flock’s performance and profitability with confidence.

Tackling your biggest challenges with our end-to-end portfolio

At DSM, we recognize the challenges in today’s poultry industry and strive to find solutions that create a brighter future for generations to come. 

  • Delivering nutritional requirements
  • Optimizing raw material utilization 
  • Safeguarding feed and food quality and safety 
  • Ensuring sustainability and bird welfare
  • Supporting bird health 

Calcium & phosphorus utilization

Calcium and phosphorus are the framework for bone and eggshell development, resulting in muscle growth and egg production - the essentials for poultry profitability.

Protein utilization

Efficient protein utilization reduces feed costs, incidence of footpad dermatitis and environmental impact.

Lifetime Performance

Improving the gut efficiency and dietary energy in poultry supports flocks to go beyond their performance potential.

Managing Vitamin Nutrition

High-quality vitamins at the right amount supports your poultry health, welfare, and sustainable production.


Our approach

As the challenges facing the poultry industry evolve, so does our response. Our focus on efficient and sustainable poultry solutions provides a targeted, efficacious and consistent approach to help support global poultry production. 

By harnessing science and working in partnership with our customers, we're helping to deliver sustainable poultry production that respects animals, people and the planet while delivering the volume, price and margin customers demand and the poultry community is capable of supplying. Our three business lines — Essential Products, Performance Solutions + Biomin, Precision Services — offer an end-to-end portfolio addressing your needs.

Our Perform portfolio offering

  • Balancius®

    Optimize nutritional absorption and digestion, so your broilers get more from their feed. Balancius® is the only ingredient that overcomes hidden threats in the gut.

  • ProAct 360™

    DSM is the first and only supplier to launch its second generation feed protease, ProAct 360™, in order to further reduce production costs, while making animal production even more sustainable.

  • HiPhorius™

    HiPhorius™ raises the market standard for phytase technology, delivering consistent improvements in animal performance through efficient phosphorous utilization.

  • Symphiome™

    Symphiome™ is a complex glycan mixture technically defined as a Precision Biotic*. A first-of-its-kind microbiome metabolic modulator precisely designed to harness the power of the microbiome by modulating specific and highly conserved functional pathways to enhance the nutritional health and performance of the birds.

  • Hy-D®

    Hy-D® is the fast track vitamin D3 source, for a strong skeleton and better performance.

  • OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition®

    OVN Optimum Vitamin Nutrition® is about feeding animals high quality vitamins, produced with the lowest environmental footprint, in the right amounts, appropriate to their life stage and growing conditions, to optimize: • Animal Health and Welfare ▶ good for animals • Animal Performance ▶ good for farmers • Food Quality & Food Waste ▶ good for consumers and the planet

  • Mycofix®

    The Mycofix® portfolio of feed additives represents the most state-of-the-art solution for protecting animal health by deactivating mycotoxins that contaminate farm animal feed. Its safety and efficacy are proven by 7 EU authorizations for substances that deactivate mycotoxins.

  • Verax™

    Harness the power of data to get a deeper understanding of the overall health, productivity and welfare of your animals.