Immune competency

Swine needs are evolving as breeds grow leaner and faster. Sustainability concerns shift focus to feeding less nutrient-dense diets, impacting key elements like phosphorus and protein. In a market minimizing antibiotic use, immune competency is crucial. Clinical signs of metabolic challenges emerge during fattening such ear and tail necrosis and SINS (swine inflammation and necrosis syndrome), signaling that immune competency is not optimum which can be underpinned by nutritional gaps amongst other causes.

Robustness and health are critically important in many swine markets with the constant evolution of disease challenges. Of course, the welfare of fatteners is one of the main concerns, but immune competency is also a critical consideration when the goal is to reach maximal genetic potential for growth, lean muscle deposition while minimizing morbidity and mortality. Market conditions have changed drastically in recent year and now the use of antibiotics has given way to a more preventive vision of health with an increase in the use of vaccines which stimulate and challenge the immune system. Pigs are also exposed to numerous environmental situations which modify and modulate their nutritional and physiological requirements and alter the expression of their growth potential.

The notion of an adaptive approach to nutrition becomes necessary when fatteners are faced with an everchanging environment whose impact on performance, health and physiology is difficult to quantify and predict. To facilitate immune competency support, new services (Verax™ DBS Analytics) are available to objectively assess the situation on farm at animal level, allowing for more informed decision making and identification of the best solutions for the best economical outcome on farm.


  • Precise and tailored nutrition solution for optimum immune competency
  • Comprehensive analysis evaluating genetic, production, welfare, and sustainability factors
  • Review and adapt macro and micronutrient nutrition such as amino-acids balance, calcium and phosphorus, feed solutions and additives (enzymes, eubiotics, mycotoxin risk management, vitamins…)
  • Establish and monitor health and performance key indicators
  • Measure, understand and manage vitamin D3 status with Verax™ DBS Analytics for optimum health
  • Elevate vitamin D levels to reduce inflammation and enhance performance with Hy-D®

Our portfolio offering

  • Hy-D®

    Hy-D® is the fast track vitamin D3 source, for a strong skeleton and better performance.

  • Verax™ DBS Analytics

    Optimize the immunity, bone health, reproductive performance and efficiency of your animals by understanding and managing their vitamin D3 status with our easy-to-use, fast, on-farm service that delivers insight and recommendations to improve animal performance.