FUMzyme® Silage


A-maize-ing protection against fumonisins.
From the inventors of Mycofix®.

FUMzyme® Silage is a unique additive sprayed onto corn (maize) at harvest that targets and detoxifies harmful fumonisins, so that the resulting silage is safe and fumonisin-free for livestock nutrition.

FUMzyme® Silage drastically reduces the fumonisins load of silage material in a matter of minutes. 

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Main Benefits

  • The only EU approved product proven to remove fumonisins from silage material 
  • Quick and efficient degradation of fumonisins in silage
  • No alterations in fermentation parameters or nutritional value
  • Easy and safe to use
  • No special equipment is needed and can be applied with any other silage additive

Apply FUMzyme® Silage easily. 1) Dissolve 7g of the product in a minimum of 50 mL of water per ton of fresh material. 2) Add to the sprayer tank. 3) Apply the product with the harvester sprayer during harvest. 4) Continue the silage making process as usual.

How to apply FUMzyme® Silage

FUMzyme® Silage can be dissolved in water by itself or in combination with other silage additives. It can be sprayed at harvest with conventional harvester sprayer equipment.

The easy application of FUMzyme® Silage requires no further intervention in the normal ensiling process. Silage bunk filling, compaction and proper sealing can proceed as usual. 

Once an adequate lactic acid fermentation has been achieved and the ensiling process has finished, the silage pit can be opened. The result will be a safe, fumonisins-free maize silage for optimum livestock nutrition. 

Why do we need fumonisins control for silage?

FUMzyme® Silage was developed to help the dairy, beef and pork industries effectively manage the health and performance challenges posed by fumonisins in cattle and swine.

Fumonisins are mycotoxins produced by Fusarium proliferatum and F. verticilloides that often contaminate corn and other livestock feed materials pre-harvest.

Fumonisins can interact with other mycotoxins and have synergistic effects, including impaired growth, less welfare and greater susceptibility to disease.

Unlike aflatoxins and due to their chemical structure, fumonisins cannot be sufficiently bound by mycotoxin binders or adsorbents.

At the pH range common in farm animals’ digestive tracts (e.g. between between 3 and 6.5), most conventional binders are not particularly effective—which is why an enzyme-based solution is needed.

Conventional binders are pH dependent when it comes to adsorption of fumonisins. The figure above demonstrates the pH dependency of adsorption of fumonisins by different binders on the market.

Reaction of the detoxification of fumonisin B1 by FUMzyme, resulting in its detoxified form


FUMzyme® Silage contains FUMzyme®, our breakthrough, patented and registered purified enzyme that turns fumonisins into non-toxic metabolites1.

dsm-firmenich engineered a specific, purified enzyme (a fumonisin esterase) that biotransforms fumonisins into non-toxic metabolites according to the following reaction.

1Regulation EU No. 1115/2014, 2017/913 and 2018/1568

EU approved to be used as feed additive for all animal species in maize-based silages, (EU) 2021/363.

In vitro and in vivo efficacy

The detoxifying activity of FUMzyme® was confirmed in vitro and in commercial farm experiments. FUMzyme® Silage has proven its capacity of degrading fumonisins in maize whole-plant silage as well as high-moisture corn grain silage.

Figure 1. Degradation of 5,000 ppb fumonisins in corn silage with (green bar) and without (orange bar) the addition of FUMzyme® Silage.

Figure 2. Degradation of fumonisins (initial contamination= 1300 ppb) in shredded high moisture corn grains through timepoints of ensiling process with the addition of FUMzyme® Silage in a commercial farm.

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