Winning in immunity with vitamin D

Vitamin D in the immunity spotlight

With new threats to health – like the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, taking steps to support immunity is a top priority for all. Public health measures are central to limiting the spread of disease in communities. In parallel, good nutrition plays a critical role in immune health, before, during and after infection. 

Vitamin D, also referred to as the ‘sunshine vitamin’, is most well-known for its role in bone and muscle health. However, strong and increasing evidence shows that optimal vitamin D intake may also have a positive influence on immune function – specifically when it comes to the body’s response against respiratory tract infections. To explore its benefits further, vitamin D science has been evolving rapidly since the outbreak. Now, an ever-growing bank of evidence suggests that vitamin D status may be linked to a reduced risk of COVID-19 diagnosis, duration and severity.

Still, a large part of the world population has insufficient vitamin D levels. This offers a unique opportunity for dietary supplement manufacturers to create innovative nutritional solutions that will help increase vitamin D intake and support immune health. 

Download our new whitepaper to explore the fast-evolving science-based benefits of vitamin D and find out how DSM can support you in bringing purpose-led immunity products to the market.

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