dsm-firmenich at the ESPEN Congress

Making a purpose-led impact at ESPEN annual congress

As a science-based company, dsm-firmenich is committed to supporting and driving research in medical nutrition, and the ESPEN annual congress is a pivotal platform for scientific advancement in this space. We have hosted panel discussions on the most relevant scientific areas – from emerging insights on specific nutrients to optimizing nutritional care for the elderly – paving the way for future research and innovation to support better compliance, elevated care and improved quality nutrition for the elderly and patients of all ages. Read on to find out more about our participation in ESPEN 2022 and beyond.

Transformative trends from ESPEN 2023

Want to remain at the forefront of innovation in the medical nutrition space? Our team has unwrapped inspiring learnings from the 45th ESPEN Congress linked to the rising relevance of plant-based proteins, cutting-edge omega-3 breakthroughs and the emergence of the gut-muscle concept. Unlock the insights now and get a glimpse into the future of the market – so that you can elevate your offering to provide better nutritional care to patients and senior adults. 

ESPEN 2022: From hospital to home - why nutrition matters

dsm-firmenich is proud of hosting a lunchtime symposium at the 2022 ESPEN Congress which explored the importance of nutritional therapy along the continuum of care. The expert-led panel provided insights into new opportunities for more holistic treatment approaches that make nutrition an integral focus throughout, and break the vicious cycle of frailty and hospitalization.

ESPEN 2021: The journey from malnutrition to well-nutrition for patients and the elderly

The ESPEN Congress 2021 delivered science-led insights aimed at improving nutritional care through a combination of systemic early screening for malnutrition and subsequent nutritional management. Download our summary of the event’s key takeaways to learn how a condition-specific approach to nutritional care can support patient quality of life and help reduce healthcare costs.

ESPEN 2020: Optimal nutritional management for immune health in older people

At the ESPEN Congress 2020, we led a symposium on the topic of immune health in the elderly. The session brought together leading experts in medical nutrition to explore the role of specific nutrients in supporting immunity plus the importance of nutritional management for long-term risk management and as an enabler for quality of life in seniors.

Insights from ESPEN 2019: A spotlight on nutritional lipids

In a roundtable hosted adjunct to the ESPEN Congress 2019, leading experts explored the role of EPA and DHA omega-3 fatty acids as nutritional support in specific therapeutic areas. The session resulted in a review published in Nutrients journal, discussing the benefits of long-chain omega-3 fatty acids in aging and clinical nutrition. Download our event summary to discover which patient groups could stand to benefit from nutritional lipid interventions, and how this may help to prevent the risk and severity of disease.


Your end-to-end partner in medical nutrition innovation

At dsm-firmenich, we’re committed to helping you create purpose-led innovations that support patients and the elderly. When you partner with us, you get access to the broadest ingredients offering in the industry, customized solutions and expert services at every stage of your product’s development, so that you can meet the complex nutritional requirements of patients and the elderly across a range of therapeutic areas. Talk to us today to learn how we can bring your next purpose-led medical nutrition innovation to life.