Putting quality at the heart of nutrition intervention 

Driven by conflict, soaring fertilizer prices and extreme economic and climate conditions, acute food insecurity affects 345 million people worldwide – a figure that has more than doubled since 2019.[1] To address this growing global hunger crisis, urgent humanitarian action is needed to alleviate potentially serious health implications for current and future generations.

Emergency and therapeutic foods are life-saving nutritional solutions that provide quick and reliable access to vital nourishment for those in need – especially children. These convenient, high-energy foods are made with macro- and micronutrient blends specially designed to tackle malnutrition and help children and other vulnerable individuals return to an optimal nutritional status.[2],[3]


Market and consumer insights


Public health and private sector channels


Innovation and R&D


Applications, scientific and technical services


Regulatory and quality control

Bringing transformational equitable and essential nutrition concepts to life 

Our passion for bringing progress to life drives us to go the extra mile and turn great ideas into impactful actions. Effectively closing the micronutrient gap requires us to reach the right target populations with purpose-led solutions and high-quality, cost-effective ingredients that address specific nutritional needs.

This is why we’ll never settle for ‘good enough’. Based on the latest scientific findings, population-specific health conditions and requirements, as well as public health research and nutritional recommendations, we’re always pushing the boundaries with new ways to elevate essential and equitable nutrition solutions by:

  • Tapping into deep understanding of diverse regional and local contexts and needs
  • Providing science-backed support for specific product applications and target consumers
  • Meeting different stakeholder requirements with robust scientific evidence and well-supported cost-effective solutions
  • Providing thorough regulatory and standards guidance to ensure smooth product registration and claim substantiation in local and global markets
  • Supporting design and marketing of nutritional solutions based on health benefit acumen

Over decades, we’ve carefully sharpened our scientific and technical expertise to provide you with reliable and robust innovation support across three core areas.

Advancing nutrition improvement: Our core innovation areas



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Our team of specialists supports you from concept to global delivery of essential and equitable solutions. dsm-firmenich experts will help you develop safe and impactful nutrition products that meet the requirements of the populations who need them most.

Expertise and quality you can count on

All dsm-firmenich’s expert services support you in taking life-saving nutritional aid from idea to delivery. Our regulatory and quality services are no exception, providing guidance that ensures compliance with local legislation and opens new markets for novel nutritional interventions.

Our partners in governments, agencies, NGOs and the private sector rely on us to meet the most pressing challenges facing those who deliver essential nutritional aid. We know that quality is integral to efficacy, so our specialized expert services branches harmoniously collaborate to deliver cost-effective, safe, efficient and sustainable solutions. Our commitment to integrity provides a strong foundation of historic knowledge and expertise which can inform innovative new nutritional solutions or improve upon existing interventions for more profound reach and impact.

Our expert team of scientists, industry, legal and regulatory specialists are on hand to support you in:

  • Developing or reformulating nutritional interventions that are relevant to pressing public health challenges and which maintain the highest standards of safety and quality at each step of the value chain.
  • Identifying areas of unmet needs and highlighting opportunities to optimize existing solutions.
  • Exploring new formulations with our unmatched technical expertise, knowledge and broad experience across various nutrition improvement applications and delivery systems.
  • Leverage a broad range of services for your unique needs, including knowledge creation, prototype development, concept fulfillment, stability studies, troubleshooting, and more. Navigating the evolving industry and policy landscape with our technical training, quality control, regulatory and legal services.

Building the foundations for meaningful change

Our goal is to inspire more inclusive and sustainable business models that streamline your journey to make a positive impact. To make this a reality, we co-innovate with our global network of public- and private-sector partners to reach those in need with cost-effective and tailored nutritional solutions.

Together, we constantly develop and refine business models that support better planning and implementation of smarter, safer nutrition programs that are more affordable, accessible and sustainable over the longer-term.

We’ve cultivated an in-depth understanding of how to best reach vulnerable populations based on our long-standing cooperation with key international organizations, partners, donors and more. 

Our vast global network of innovation and application centers provides local support for closer and more effective coordination with public- and private-sector partners around the world at every stage.

We identify and develop new channels to ensure high-quality nutritional solutions reach their target groups, while meeting consumer expectations and requirements in a financially sustainable way

Making a positive impact globally – one nutritional intervention at a time

Working tirelessly with our public health leading partners like the World Food Programme and World Health Organization, we continue to advocate for and bring innovative and high-quality science-backed nutritional interventions to undernourished populations around the world.

Drive high-quality nutrition interventions that truly benefit those in need

Partner with us to turn your nutrition improvement ambitions into reality.

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