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Postbiotics are opening doors of opportunity in the biotics space, riding the wave of consumers search for digestive and overall wellbeing. Unlike their probiotic counterparts, postbiotics are a preparation of inanimate microorganisms and/or their components that confer health benefits across several therapeutic areas including digestive health, metabolic heart heath, brain health and immunity.

As the most recently defined category of biotics, postbiotics offer a range of innovation opportunities for product development. For instance, recent findings indicate that 74% of consumers that use nutritional supplements to boost their health have tried a digestive health treatment, yet only 48% have used postbiotics.1 As such, brands can tap into the whitespace in the biotics market with sciencebacked postbiotic solutions for health and wellbeing.

1. FMCG Gurus Nutritional supplement trends, 2023

US $104.7

million postbiotic retail value2

2. Frost & Sullivan, Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Nutrition & Wellness Industry; December 2022.


CAGR of postbiotic market by 20262

2. Frost & Sullivan, Top 10 Growth Opportunities in the Nutrition & Wellness Industry; December 2022.

The promise of postbiotics: 

A new frontier in biotic ingredients

Postbiotics offer a host of opportunities for product development in the biotics market. Thanks to their inanimate nature and high stability, they are easy to standardize, transport and store.

Take a deep dive into the full potential of postbiotics in our whitepaper. 

Humiome® Postbiotics:
In a nutshell 

Humiome® Post LB is a safe, stable and easy-to-use solution composed of a unique combination of two proprietary lactobacillus strains, metabolites and fermented culture medium that offers health benefits across several therapeutic areas. We use a proprietary fermentation process to enrich, concentrate and heat-stabilize the micro-organisms to create safe, stable and easy-to-use products with high consistency from batch to batch.

Health from the Gut starts here

There is no ‘one size fits all’ approach to supporting Health from the Gut. That’s why we’re taking a different approach to gut health innovation.

Our Humiome® ingredient portfolio selectively supports keystone species and bacterial metabolism, as well as strengthens the intestinal barrier and mechanisms independent of the gut microbiome.  

Your innovation partner in the gut health space

Are you ready to unleash the power of postbiotics in your next innovation? Together, we can re-define gut health with elevated solutions that better support consumers’ health and wellbeing.

Partner with dsm-firmenich to create pioneering Health from the Gut solutions – backed by our proven ingredients, customized solutions and expert services.

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