Behind the scenes at dsm-firmenich’s Innovation & Application Centers

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Opening the doors on innovation

  • 80 percent of new product launches fail within 12 months, according to Forbes
  • dsm-firmenich helps its customers to develop successful products at its Innovation & Application Centers, located in key locations across the world.
  • The latest addition to its global network is a purpose-built facility in Brazil, which opened in Summer 2018.

Connecting The Dots

From concept to launch, developing the next winning food, beverage or dietary supplement product is an exciting, fast-moving process. Whether it’s overcoming a tricky formulation challenge, or creating a relevant, engaging brand, our technical and marketing experts can help you turn a gem of an idea into market success. This collaborative way of working is brought to life at our global network of Innovation & Application Centers, where customers can benefit from our full range of capabilities.

Where The Magic Happens

Our Innovation & Application Centers are home to some of the brightest minds from across dsm-firmenich and offer expertise across all stages of product development. With a series of regional hubs, the teams work to bring new concepts to life that will appeal to consumers in the local market. The real key to the success of our Innovation & Application Centers is customer engagement, with the facilities being conveniently located to encourage regular and ongoing dialogue.

Applications Expertise and More

We offer tailor-made collaborative solutions, meaning that customers can invite us to get involved at any stage in the process. We’re often asked to turn nutrition research into nutritional products, first as a concept and then into commercially feasible prototypes. Our teams conduct stability and sensory tests, as well as help to resolve scale-up, production and quality issues.
Alongside applications expertise, customers can also benefit from added value support with nutrition marketing and branding. At our Asia Pacific Nutrition Innovation Center in Singapore, for instance, we have a dedicated customer brand-centric Co-Creation Hub that is focused on innovation and accelerating new products and brands to market. Here, customers can benefit from consumer insights, brand activation strategies and marketing support, all in a single center of excellence.

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23 November 2018


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