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Exploring personalized wellness technologies

  • The personalized nutrition market is growing rapidly thanks to advances in diagnostics and the rise of the increasingly health-conscious consumer. 
  • dsm-firmenich has entered into a new research partnership with Wellmetrix, a personal health testing developer, to explore the suitability of Wellmetrix’s diagnostic platform to perform non-invasive and point-of-need measurements of key health biomarkers. 
  • Evaluation of new personalized wellness technologies, such as the Wellmetrix test, will provide the insights necessary for innovation directors to offer custom solutions for personalized nutrition in the future.

Research in the pursuit of new technologies

As consumers become increasingly aware of the benefits of customized combinations of nutritional ingredients at effective and safe doses, dsm-firmenich is committed to supporting the development of personalized nutrition solutions that address nutritional gaps
and support a healthy lifestyle.

To demonstrate this commitment, dsm-firmenich has entered into a research partnership with Wellmetrix, a personal health testing developer. This partnership will explore the suitability of Wellmetrix’s diagnostic platform to perform non-invasive and point-of-need measurements of key health biomarkers following a nutrition intervention using combinations of dsm-firmenich’s nutritional ingredients.

In the pursuit of new technologies that support the analysis of health data in real-time, the collaborative study will evaluate the suitability of the patented Wellmetrix Wellness Panel in measuring improvements in personal health and wellness following consumption of dsm-firmenich’s nutritional ingredients. The Wellness Panel is a novel array of urinary biomarker assays that measures markers of oxidative stress and inflammation, important indicators of the state of an individual’s health and wellness. The initial study will compare results of the Wellmetrix Wellness Panel to established clinical chemistry blood and urine tests measuring the same biomarkers.

Personalized health tracking made simple

Wellmetrix is finalizing the development of a non-invasive and at-home multiplex test that pairs with any smartphone to execute sophisticated analytics and track the impact of diet, exercise, sleep, supplementation, hydration and other inputs to deliver a comprehensive, highly individualized picture of personal health and wellness. This development is in alignment with dsm-firmenich’s goal of demonstrating the impact different product combinations have on the measurement of biomarkers in urine, with a specific
focus on targeted health benefits including heart health, mobility and immunity. 

Evaluation of new personalized wellness technologies, such as the non-invasive Wellmetrix test, will provide the insights necessary to offer custom solutions and new product concepts in the future. Ultimately, the outcomes of the research have the potential to offer consumers unprecedented insights into their health and wellness, empowering them to make dramatic improvements through supplementation and simple changes in their diet and lifestyle.

Partnering for success in personalized nutrition

Recognizing the potential of the personalized nutrition market, dsm-firmenich has established a number of new partnerships to remain at the forefront of innovation in personalized health, nutrition and wellness solutions. Earlier this year, dsm-firmenich entered into a partnership with digital health provider, Panaceutics, which is making personalized nutrition solutions available to populations across the world. The collaboration sees dsm-firmenich exclusively market and sell Panaceutics Nutrition personalized products in multiple markets across the Americas, Europe and Asia, strengthening dsm-firmenich’s position in the personalized nutrition field. In 2018, dsm-firmenich acquired an equity stake in personalized nutrition company Mixfit, with the goal of driving innovation to serve large numbers of people with data-driven personalization.


Published on

21 October 2019


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