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DSM launches ampli-D®, a 3 times faster-acting form of vitamin D supplement in Australia

Singapore, SG, 03 Mar 2021 00:30 SGT/17:30 CET

To address global concerns and needs in supporting immune health, Royal DSM, a purpose-led global science-based company in nutrition, health and sustainable living, today announced the launch of ampli-D®, a fast-acting form of vitamin D for dietary supplements in Australia. ampli-D® is a faster and more effective way for Australian consumers to boost vitamin D levels in the body in just days and weeks instead of months to support immune health.

The availability of DSM’s ampli-D® in Australia, the first market for its launch, follows regulatory approval by Australia’s Therapeutic Goods Administration (TGA) for its use in dietary supplements that do not require a doctor’s prescription.

Commonly known as the “sunshine vitamin”, vitamin D is associated with bone and muscle health, and its fundamental role in supporting healthy immune system function is increasingly recognised. Despite its importance to health and well-being, vitamin D deficiency is a prevalent global health issue and more than 80%1 of the world’s population have sub-optimal levels of vitamin D in their body. Even in sunny Australia, the Australian Bureau of Statistics calculated that one in five Australian adults are deficient in vitamin D and an additional 43% have sub-optimal levels2.

"Vitamin D is typically obtained through sunlight, diet and supplements but many people don’t realise that they don’t get enough and quickly enough. With today’s concerns on health and well-being, vitamin D is an important micronutrient that helps to enhance immune system function, and emerging scientific evidence supports the important role of vitamin D in the body’s response in resolving and lowering the risk of acute respiratory tract infections,” said Dr Michela Sorensen, Australian GP.

Reaching sufficient levels of vitamin D in the body can be challenging due to limited food sources and a person’s direct exposure to sunlight which is affected by the seasons throughout the year, skin colour, and use of protective clothing and sun protection. Even with an intake of traditional vitamin D supplements like D3 or fortified food, it can still take several months to achieve healthy vitamin D levels in the bloodstream, which supports areas like bone health and immunity.

Peter Van Dael, SVP Nutrition Science at DSM, explains “In the human body, vitamin D needs to be first processed by the liver and converted into Calcifediol to be processed further in the kidneys. The whole process is slow and it can easily take several months to achieve healthy levels in the bloodstream. With ampli-D®, calcifediol or 25-hydroxyvitamin D3, the common form of vitamin D in the body is now also available as a dietary supplement. Research and clinical studies have shown that ampli-D® works three times faster and more effectively than conventional vitamin D3 supplements, helping the body get to optimal vitamin D levels in days and weeks instead of months3,4.

Recent events have also put a spotlight on the importance of a strong and healthy immune system. In a recent consumer study conducted by DSM in 2020 with 12,000 participants across 24 countries, 65% of the global participants ranked immunity as one of their top 3 health concerns5.

Carmel Power, Head of Human Nutrition, Oceania at DSM said, "Supporting our immune health is essential throughout our lives and it is more important than ever to do it more effectively with the emergence of new threats to human health. DSM is committed to addressing global health concerns such as immunity and keeping the growing global population healthy. The introduction of ampli-D® in Australia shows how we want to champion this purpose - by accelerating the availability of our industry-leading nutritional solutions through market-ready solutions for our partners and consumers.

Leading DSM customer, Factors Group, has recently launched Opti Active D containing ampli-D® under their practitioner-only brand Bioclinic Naturals. More supplement brands containing DSM’s ampli-D® will be available in the coming months.

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