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DSM in Animal Nutrition & Health

DSM in aquaculture

With the world’s population continuing to expand and demand for seafood increasing, commercial aquaculture is the only way that the global requirement for seafood can be met. Our innovative and cost-effective feed ingredients provide customers solutions for the aquaculture industry aimed at improving performance, sustainability and profitability.
Young salmon swimming in a pond


Optimal welfare in aquaculture production systems is a key focus for us. We strive to help improve welfare through our feed additive solutions. More>

Open sea cage aqua farming


Our environmentally friendly feed micronutrients help provide nutritionally complete, highly digestible and sustainable diets for fish and crustaceans. More>

Living salmon swimming in a pond

Health and survival

Our expertise in aquaculture health and survival has led to the development of several key product solutions for supporting the immune system and promoting general fish health. More>

Slice of bread with smoked salmon


The color of fish and crustaceans is a major influencer of consumer purchasing behavior.
Our aquafeed additive solutions are the proven pigmentation standard within the industry. More>

Salmon under water

Optimal growth

As the global leader in nutritional ingredients, we are dedicated to providing nutritional solutions for promoting optimal growth and performance in aquaculture. More>

Blue bucket with aqua feed

Feed cost saving

Our range of aquaculture feed ingredients helps with the efficient utilization of alternative feed materials, delivering significant feed cost savings. More>

DSM SalmoFan, to measure salmon color

DSM color fans

DSM’s Color Fans are an essential tool for helping deliver consistent carotenoid-based pigmentation in egg yolks, broilers and salmon. More>